PTZ no longer working for my IP2M-841-V3 from Onvier App after DST change / Firmware bug?


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Jan 17, 2020
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I have 3 Amcrest IP2M-841-V3, that I'm also using with the Onvier App.
After the recent DST change, that changed the time in Germany from GMT+1 to GMT+2, the PTZ control from within the App did no longer work.

The logs showed theses errors: "Wsse authorized time check failed." but as the time of the timestamps in the pictures and videos was correct, this was inexplicable.
Also the cams were configured to "Enable DST" and "Sync with NTP Server", so why this time sync error?

After some further tests and with the great support from the Onvier team, we found that the "Time Zone" Value in the cam configuration had to be manually changed from GMT+1 to GMT+2.
Now everything works fine again.
Why this manual intervention necessarry? Cams should be smart enough to do this automatically, especially, when "Enable DST" is checked.

Looks like a firmware bug to me.
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