Ratingsecu ipcamera not accessable by ethernet


Apr 8, 2018
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I have two of these.
I want to use them wirelessly.

I have one that works fine on ethernet and can connect wirelessly but it disconnects frequently from wifi so it's only useable with a cable.

The other camera at first could connect by ethernet but the wireless did not detect any networks.
I managed to do a factory reset and change it to a static ip address but I haven't been able to connect to it since then by ethernet.

In my plusnet hub one router dhcp table the camera shows up but in the home network devices it changes between just showing "100 Mb/s" and displaying the camera details and saying "not connected".

If I try pinging the camera it sometimes receives 4 or 5 packets but it keeps constantly disconnecting so it constantly changes between :
request timed out
destination host unreachable

I have spent an eternity trying lots of different things.

6 different ethernet cables that all work ok.
Rebooting the cameras.
Factory reset.
Rebooting my pc.
Rebooting my router.
Connecting the camera directly to the pc.
Lots of different ip address/dns address settings.
Disabling firewall and anti virus.
Powering on camera first or second, router first or second, pc first or second.
Leaving camera, pc and router powered off for a long time.

Any suggestions to get connected to it by ethernet?
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