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RCA / LaView (Hikvision) Floodlight Camera HSFLC1 / LV-PWFL182-U

Can Blue Iris detect the PIR motion sensor on the camera to trigger recording instead of relying on analyzing the video stream? (to prevent falses from shadows, trees, etc)

All of the images show this mounted flat against a wall. Could it be mounted to a "ceiling" under an eave and the camera/lights aimed appropriately? This is how all of the existing flood lights on my house are mounted. Like this:


@bookemdano - did you ever find out what turning off the "Light Linkage" setting does?
I got busy and didn't get around to ordering mine yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll go with the same RCA you did.
We're certain it will do RTSP and know the URL, and it's looks like it has a much sturdier mount.
It sets detection range for light to turn on.

Martin Paul Sr

Young grasshopper
I got the RCA version of the floodlight recently because of the seemingly much better base mount.
I'm having good luck with it, had to pay full $179 for it though.
It looks almost just like a Ring or Nest or whatever it is they have at Best Buy, but the RTSP stream works and it's on Blue Iris.
I think it's funny RCA doesn't know or care it can stream to a NVR box or PC, maybe nobody cares about that in the home market?

It is a side camera, not backyard, looking at the wooden gate (and the trash cans).
It's perfect for the side because the "Light Linkage" turns the lights on full blast if something moves, but only at night (brightness is adjustable).
To turn the lights on normally, you need the stupid mobile app, but I don't need to turn them on.
I guess the days of web interfaces for settings (and even a button to turn on a light) are going away.

What I'm *not* having luck with (mostly just since this week) is my doorbell which is one of the older Hikvision clones (from La ViewLaView HD IP Security LV-PWF80216-W)
It was mostly OK for months (too many dropped connections, but would reconnect and get good clips).
Suddenly no matter how much I reboot it and reset it thru the app it won't connect to the LAN (except occasionally and then for only a short while).
I'm gonna give up on it and get a newer model, gotta start investigating.
Anybody wanna give me a recommendation?
This one sounds good but ain't cheap: LaView HD IP ONE Halo Doorbell Security Camera
Probably a lot of clones out there, maybe can find a good deal.