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Record to 2 hard drives at once for backup.



Soon I need to take out my drive dock (connected to usb on BI pc) where my recording drives are on for maintainance.

If I take it out blue iris no longer will record to anything unless I set a new recording drive while my drive dock is taken out. Is there a way to make blueiris automatically record on a different drive once the recording drive is disconnected or have blueiris record all cameras to 2 drives at once so in case 1 drive is disconnected or failed, the other will still be recorded on?
Could you use something like DFS in windows to duplicate files across different spaces? Have it record to a temp folder locally and let DFS duplicate them to the external drives. It should catch up when you reattach them.

I've never tried this but was just a thought.


I am pretty sure you can record to two locations (file paths) at once by cloning the cameras and in the cloned camera choosing a different folder from the dropdown under the Video-Folder option of the Record tab.


On Linux you would create a RAID 1 array with the primary and backup drive. You can remove it temporarily (and even mount it elsewhere), then reattach and it will resync.