Reolink Doorbell WiFi - New Firmware v3.0.0.3215 released Feb 29, 2024

Aug 3, 2015
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My wifi doorbell has been working much better since running Ethernet Cat-6 to it several weeks ago.
I'm NOT going to update the firmware, because it's WORKING. Here's the info from their site:

Notes and What's New

1. Optimize the status light illumination logic of the Doorbell to indicate network connectivity status.
2. Support more options for Overwrite Recordings, like 1 Day(s).
3. Fix the bug that there are continuous visitor push triggers during two-way audio usage.
4. Support showing Motion Mark on the Playback page.
5. Support Cloud encryption.
6. Support calling via Doorbell ring.
7. Fixed some bugs. <-- That's terribly specific, right?!?

You’re going to download this firmware:
Product Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi
Hardware Version DB_566128M5MP_W
Firmware Version v3.0.0.3215
Updated Date Feb. 29, 2024 Updated

Before downloading and upgrading, make sure this firmware is compatible with your model and its hardware version.
The wrong firmware may lead to compatibility issues that affect the functioning of your product.