Review - IPC-L26N WiFi Floodlight Camera


Jul 20, 2019
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Georgia, USA
Link: 2MP WiFi Floodlight Camera

I didn’t see any reviews/info on this camera and I apologize if there is one. I found out a few weeks ago that Dahua had released/announced a floodlight camera that compliments the doorbell. Appears they’ve rebranded some products their own mini-line and are competing with Ring and others.

Anyways, Andy didn’t have it available yet and with business travel about to start up for me again, I searched and found it available through B&H Photo and ordered one. Shipping was quick and it arrived.

My biggest concern with any floodlight camera was installation. They really want you to mount them vertically and the light I was replacing was under the eaves of my house. The Ring can’t be mounted without physical modification and I was worried about this one as well.

Before I ventured up the ladder, I made sure I could make it work without modifying. There is a sticker that indicated ceiling mount and I was able to get it close enough so I set about installing it.

Installation was a breeze. The mounting plate is thick and provide good gaskets for a tight seal. About 45 minutes later and the light was mounted and turned on. I had to wire out a switch to ensure it never lost power.

Adding it to the app was difficult. Firstly, the Imou app (which I use with the DB11) didn’t really work well in adding it. The iDMSS app worked wonderfully though and once it was added on the iDMSS app, it showed up in the Imou app as well. Secondly, given how it was installed, scanning the QR code was a PITA. I think I had to scan it like 5 times thanks to the Imou app not working well.

The tech specs showed it supported up to 256GB micro SD but I went with just a 128GB because I have it linked to my NVR as well. It also uses H265 compression so it’s good quality and lower file sizes I believe.

I’ve attached pictures of the install location and also a daylight cam capture. Night capture is pretty good for my location (there’s a street light in front of my house) and I’ll try to take a capture and post it.

Using ConfigTool or even the NVR, there’s quite a few options for the video settings. Both apps give options for the light (PIR motion, Dusk to Dawn, and manual) and the siren is app activated and pretty startling when you’re outside near it. You can also override the light settings to turn it on if you need it on.

Audio quality on the speaker is also pretty clear. It’s loud enough you can hear it and crisp enough you can understand what people are saying.

I haven’t really seen any negatives yet. It connected easily to my Dahua NVR and the app experience is the same as the doorbell, which on a separate note the doorbell firmware update made a HUGE difference in my opinion on it.



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May 1, 2019
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Reno, NV
I have 4 x 35W LED Security Lights with Motion Sensor 3500 lumens and color temp of 5500K. But would be happy to convert all 4 if the L26N could come close, especially with wifi cam, mic/siren in the mix. I am reading the specs on this. 2000 lumens of color temp 3000k. What of the PIR range? Can take a couple night time pictures or even a video? I see this is 110 VAC hookup with is great since I went that route as well for my existing floodlights.
I also notice in the fine print at the bottom: LincX2Pro devices can work with third-party software only if the LincX2Pro device is added to a compatible Dahua recorder. LincX2Pro devices cannot be added directly to third-party software. Would this mean, not possible to interface with Blue Iris?