Sentry is great for me


Getting the hang of it
Dec 7, 2017
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Only have 4 camera right now, sentry is removing 90% on my motion detect alarm.

Many thanks!!
I agree.... when it works, it works well.

Every now and then when they have server problems, I know about it straight away as my in-box gets hammered with false alert emails (tree shadows, clouds, etc)... which reminds me how much better it is when Sentry is working properly.

One improvement I would like is more control of the "email subject" for Sentry alerts, currently, when Sentry is working, all alerts have the exact same email subject line "Blue Iris Human Alert"... I have lots of cameras and would prefer to know the specific camera (in the subject line) that caused the alert, which is how it works without Sentry. There is a setting in BI -> Artificial Intelligence -> Alert Validation -> "replace alert email text with Sentry status" however unchecking this makes no difference... I guess Ken needs to fix this, not Sentry?