Solution for portable power (battery) for small camera


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Jun 13, 2015
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Wondering if anyone here has attempted some type solution to power a small camera with some type of external/portable power source (ie: portable USB battery).
I have an owl box that I'd like to put into a tree where there is no power but within close range to my outdoor access point.
The camera can be rated as 'indoor' since it will be sheltered in the owl house.
I'm testing right now with a small EZVIZ CV-200 camera, around 3 watts max draw, with a 10,000 mA portable power supply but it's draining faster than I'd hoped, probably wouldn't last a day.
Getting power to where I want to put the owl shack wouldn't be impossible but would be difficult to do and may consider it as a last resort.
Anyone have any ideas on a similar solution I'm seeking? Can't use solar because this is a dense tree, so lots of shade, minimal direct sunlight.
Dec 28, 2019
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New Jersey
You've hit the wall of battery power for surveillance cameras. You either need to increase the battery capacity, significantly as in three or four times, over what you have and have two of them so one can be charged while the other is in service, or run power. The alternative is solar and the array can be remoted from the camera to get sunlight, but it does need to have significant capacity and an appropriate charging regulator. That makes solar power fairly expensive to do.