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Jan 16, 2015
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Hi all,

I was wondering if someone has figured out a way to view the stream from Blie Iris on TV using a Sat Receiver.
The reason, making it easy just to switch channels to have a live view or at the best see recordings!

Here is my setup:

Several Open Source Sat Receivers with Open Pli Enigma 1 and 2 (hardware: Vu Solo +, Dreambox DM800, DM600, DM500)
Blue Iris version 4 running on a Windows Server 2008 R2

When using Dreamedit to edit the channel list I see some options here to put in a cam but had no success adding my 4 Sinocams.

Also in the Sat forums they where talking about camoFX but that does not work for me.

Here an example of a webcam already in the channel list, pre installed:



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Mar 10, 2014
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In the Blue Iris help file, go to the bottom of the web server chapter to see a list of paths you can use to access video streams or individual jpeg frames.

Direct image, video
and command requests

In addition to serving HTML pages, Blue Iris
can also act as a "video server." There are a number of methods for
retrieving images and video from the Blue Iris web server for use on mobile
devices, converting a USB camera into a web camera, or for any other purpose.
Here are the paths to these methods:

A single JPEG image from a specific
camera or group, with optional quality (q) and scale (s) parameters.
Quality is a percentage from 1-100, and scale may be any number >0.

You may also specify a specific
height (h) or width (w) instead of scale.

An M-JPEG stream. This stream
is compatible with Blue Iris's "MJPEG stream request."

An M-JPEG stream of a clip from your
New clips folder. You may include additional subdirectory names in
the filename. The speed parameter is optional, a percentage of
normal playback speed.

A thumbnail image from a specific
file in the New clips folder.

A JPEG image from the
Alerts folder.


Temporarily change the active profile to x. Use x=-1 to toggle the
lock status.

camera x (short name)

Changes the traffic signal
state and
returns the current state. x=0 for red, x=1 for green, x=2 for
yellow. This requires admin authentication.

Pull a raw audio stream
(MIME type audio/x-wav).

Performs a PTZ command on the
specified camera, where x= 0=left, 1=right, 2=up, 3=down, 4=home, 5=zoom
in, 6=zoom out

Causes a snapshot image to be
captured from the specified camera.

Pull a raw H.264 stream (MIME type
video/H264). This stream will play in a tool like VLC, and may be used in future
versions of the ActiveX control.

Pull an MPEG-2 transport
stream (MIME type video/MP2T).

or .m3u8
Pull a virtual M3U8 file
(MIME type application/ This will play in QuickTime, iPad
and the iPhone using the iPhone Live Streaming format.

I don't know what formats your receivers are capable of, since here in the USA you can't use 3rd party satellite receivers like that. But chances are at least one of these will work.

Something to check is that LAN connections to Blue Iris do not require authentication. Also I would recommend you try loading jpeg frames directly in a browser first so you know you have the URL right. You can also load the MPEG-2 transport stream format in VLC media player. That might load on your satellite receiver if you are lucky.


Jan 16, 2015
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Thanks for the reply. Yeah we have a bit more freedom with receivers. I will give it a try.