Swann NHD-865MSB POE Connector Pinout?

Jul 16, 2021
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Water had gotten into the RJ45 connector on my Swann NHD-865MSB POE camera and corroded the pins. The only way to keep using the camera was to cut off the RJ45 connector and hardwire the camera straight to the ethernet cable. Follow me so far? My issue is not knowing what color wires from the camera tie into the ethernet cable? I've contacted Swann but no one can locate a pinout diagram. I'm only using 4 wires from the ethernet cable RJ45 (OrnWht-pin 1, Orn-pin 2, Grn/Wht-pin 3 & Grn-pin 6) but the NHD-865MSB RJ45 connector is using 6 wires (Orn/Wht-pin 1, Orn-pin 2, Grn/Wht-pin 3, Red/Wht-pin 6, Grn-pin 7 & Blk/Wht-pin 8) pins 4 & 5 are not used. The 2 extra wires are Red/Wht & Blk/Wht.

I cut apart the NHD-865MSB RJ45 connector and found the Red/Wht & Blk/Wht are in a separate molex connector along with the red & black audio wires I tied together pins 1, 2, 3 & 6 from both RJ45 connectors but still have a blank screen. I know the camera is good so I'm missing something but can't find it. Any help finding a pinout diagram for a Swann NHD-865MSB camera is greatly appreciated!