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Sep 23, 2019
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Started 16 years with a simple b&w video camera plugged into a VHS video recorder, 'cos someone was kicking the wing mirrors off cars down our road, and we'd had milk pilfered...

Wired my own co-ax to various locations around the house, under floorboards and up channels in walls, and ran five cameras into a cheapo HDD set-up, and another since, but all too low-res for any sort of worthwhile use. Nice to be able to check the place is still standing when away, though.

So, just upgraded to a Hikvision DS-7208HUHI-K1 with five 5Mp 'Turbo' cameras. Rather good. Except... well, it just spent the day emailing me about untoward events , which I managed to sort out, just before iVMS declared the dvr 'offline' over our ethernet. Can still access it via mobile data though...

One thing it has in common with the cheaper set-ups is how dense is the manual, and how little it appears to relate to the actuality.
And how the menus on the direct monitor, the networked PC browser, and iVMS-4200, seem so unrelated.
And how the set-up suddenly decides to stop communicating over the wired network.

In anticipation of which annoyances is why I joined ipcamtalk. Even though I don't have any IP cameras.
I'm about to post my first HELP ME.
Don't suppose it'll be my last.
Unless having no IP cameras gets me disbarred.


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Sep 5, 2016
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Florida USA
Welcome @Hiatus
Im an unrepentant analog guy myself. Still have a bunch of Dahua CVI cams which are quite good, along with a mix of IP cams. The primary difference from an image capture/quality standpoint is the ability to set separate day/night profiles using different exposures, which you cant generally do on analog cameras.

Of the 12 cameras at my house, 10 are Dahua CVI 2MP Starlights and I dont have any reason to change them. I also manage 3 other locations, two are IP and one is a mix like mine. Dahua makes XVR's that allow you to run either type.