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Turret vs Dome for dusty environment


I have a mix of old analogue domes and newer IP bullits monitoring a factory.
The analogue system is starting to fail and the IP cameras were a bit by bit installation done cheap.
I'm now looking to integrate and upgrade.

Factory environment is very dusty. I don't notice a difference in performance between the types of camera and the lenses of the bullet cameras don't really seem to pick up much dust. So I figure I'm ok to use that design (or turrets) without much worry. But i don't want to end up having to clean lenses on a regular basis so thought I'd check if anyone has had experience, good or bad, in dusty environments?


Mike A.

Getting comfortable
Not a 'factory' per se but I have both a turret and a dome within ~10' of a grinder/polisher that runs for a couple of hours/day for a small manufacturing process. Throws off a ton of super fine metal and abrasive dust that gets all over and sticks to everything. I don't see much if any difference between the two as far as that goes. Just pick the better of the cams. I like the turrets better myself for a variety of reasons independent of the dust.