Uniview Deep Learning AI

MCS Tech

Jul 25, 2021
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I have been reading through the forums, and doing some research on various Cameras, NVRs, etc.

I have seen a few of Nellys Security videos promoting the Uniview products specifically ones that are 4K, and the "Deep Learning" intrigues me, as I would like to see how many people wander through my yard, and have a snap shop of them... maybe even a face snapshot.... I'd also like to know which cars cross my drive as I live in an ally with only 4 houses and we sometimes get strangers in our ally and occasional police chases.

Im planning to throw a camera on the garage looking into my parking area and that should spot any cars that linger or driven by.

So, my statement and question(s) are: I see very little information online about UniView cameras and even less about its AI and Deep learning features.

Does anyone have these system(s) and if so - how do they work - are you guys happy with them ??

Id love to come home and see snapshots (thumbnails) of the cars that drove past and the people who decide to linger on my property, on a timeline that can be easily narrowed down.
Im not super interested in a Roll my own system such as Blue Iris and Deep stack as I am away a lot and I have an alarm system - just would like to capture in good detail what the hell is going on.

Ordered a pizza the other night and I fell asleep waiting for it - woke in the morning to discover that a hoodlum or hobo sat on my front porch and ate a piece, left the crust and recessed the box.

Thanks everyone.