Uniview IPC6322SR and Oyn-X Falcon NVR 4

Nov 25, 2019
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Kendal, UK
I am struggling to connect a single Uniview PTZ camera to an Oyn-x NVR either via a separate switch or the POE switch on the NVR.
If using the separate switch connecting router/wifirouter/laptop/NVR/camera I can see a live stream on the laptop and using IE I can pan/tilt/zoom; but even though the NVR detects the camera at the correct IP address, and password etc it shows the camera as "offline" and no video is displayed. I can also live stream on phones and tablets connected to the WiFi extender.
If I set the camera to DHCP and plug into the NVR POE switch the NVR detects the camera properly but again it is "offline"and no video.
In both cases the NVR detects the camera as ONVIF
Any ideas gratefully received