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Mar 25, 2018
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I am planning something maybe a little out of the norm, and was wondering if I could get some input. I have a Jeep that is primarily for off-roading, and I want to mount a few cameras to help "spot" myself. I have a dash-mounted screen ran by a latte panda running Win10, so I am a little tight on processor power. The panda is somewhat integrated into the Jeep and can not be swapped out for anything more powerful. I do not want another screen. I am looking for an automotive DVR (or even just a small normal DVR I can ruggedize). The problem is that I need to be able to live display the video on the panda's screen on demand, so something that uses a standard protocol is preferred (so I can build a full-screen program to display quickly on demand). I have a free wired network port and a USB port as of now, so either work. Does anyone have a suggestion? I have considered separate IP cameras, A network enabled DVR and analog cameras, a mess of USB cameras (stuff gets confused if the cameras are the same model)

The skinny is I need a system that:
1. Can support at least 4 cameras.
2. Can connect back to a windows computer for display via Ethernet or USB.
3. Uses some standard kind of video stream.
4. Cameras need to be waterproof (analog panders to this)
5. Is either automotive grade or is small enough to be adapted.

Thanks guys for any input!


Apr 17, 2018
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there are a few usb capture cards that are decent, StarTech was good if I remember right from some work I did. they take a BNC video connection, some have audio, some not. You could use one of those and a video switch if you can't find a more elegant solution