Unv Nvr Firmware Update


Mar 22, 2018
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Hello Ipcamtalk posters and dealers. I would like to pass some information that may be beneficial to you and your customers. If you have a Prime series Nvr such as an Nvr 302-O8S-P8 or the 16 channel version currently using or intending to use the IO series Unv camera, do not take the latest Nvr update with build date 2022-01-21. The latest update will break the cross line and the intrusion functionality of the camera. Unv will tell you that they are not compatible but the cross line and intrusion alerts do work before the firmware update. This was also tested on my unit to confirm this as i wasted 2 to 3 days tracking this issue on another clients system. This may save a lot of you dealers from the angry lynch mob that may be coming your way.