Vid clip stops recording motion but clip continues

Jun 6, 2019
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As a newcomer, I’m unclear about the options for recording after motion-triggering. I’m using BI V5 with Hikvision cam connected to the router and thence to pc. I have searched forums for “break time” but cannot find the answer. The closest I come is the thread “Incomplete clips” in 'Troubleshooting' started by Joseph Miller, Aug 14, 2018. (Exactly the same prob: cam focuses on the entry & gate - the clip only shows me getting into the car and then seconds later, the electric gate as it shuts for maybe 2 secs, but no recording of the car moving out).
After reading Hdbook section “Recording Options”: I have Make time set to 2.5 secs to avoid recording passing vehicles. Break time set to 35 secs. On “Record” tab, only 1 option checked: “Video > When triggered”.
Typical test this a.m. : I walk out of the house into the driveway. The 1st few secs are not recorded (make time seems ok). It takes me 5 secs to get to the gate. The vid records me walking from 09:44:46 to 09:44:50. Thereafter my image AND THE CLOCK are frozen yet the clip continues for total of 1min 07 secs. After reaching the gate, I wiped the car windows then returned to the house, therefore motion was continuous (no need for retriggering) but not recorded. By contrast, the e-mail alerts sent 2 snapshots at 09:44:52 and 09:45:23. How come the shots were taken yet the movement is not vid recorded? What settings do I need?