Video Door phone VTO-6100C access issue

Discussion in 'Home Automation' started by Aerrow, Jun 25, 2016.

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  1. Aerrow

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    Jun 6, 2016
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    Hi all,

    I recently purchased the Dahua VTO-6100C to try and get it running as a standalone video door phone but I am having some trouble accessing the built in web server. When I first purchased the device I was able to connect to the web server and access the settings by connecting the device directly to a laptop via an ether-net cable. After making the initial connection I configured the devices IP address to work within my networks IP range and I was then able to access the device from my desktop over my router. After a day or two I have not made any further changes and now when I enter the IP address into my internet browser I get a response saying that the device has actively refused the connection. Anyone with experience with the Dahua systems able to shed some light into what may have gone wrong here?

    p.s. I have sent an email to Dahua explaining the issue and I am now waiting for a response.