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View Dahua NVR cams from Tinycam?



I'm just trying to figure out how to do this.

I've worked out that using quickddns and p2p via the gDMSSLite app works fine and can view it remotely.

Via tinycam if you try to auto detect it pick up the the Dahua NVR as ONVIF and you can view it if you use the lan IP (Currently have one camera connected to NVR)

Changing the IP in tinycam to the quickddns hostname brings up an RTSP is not supported error in tinycam

Any idea what I'm doing wrong here?


OK i finally worked it out.

The format is as follows:


The problem was that my NVR assigned the cam on ethernet port one to channel2, but there is also another value for that camera called remote channel no. which was actually 1.

The whole time I had it set to channel=1 then switched it to 2 and it working.

Seems to work fine with the lan ip but also the quickddns hostname.

Hopefully someone else finds this post one day and it's useful.

The reason I wanted to have the ipcam in Tinycam is because I have a DVR currently setup around the house which will be slowly replaced.

I'd rather have all camera streams in one app which I can now do!