Way to see current camera exposure/gain (etc.) settings? Overlay mode?


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Dec 21, 2017
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Hi folks,

I almost put this in the Dahua section but the same question applies to Hiks... and is probably a general thing so I'm starting here. Maybe the info is available in BI if the camera reports it to the software?

I'm tweaking settings, like exposure and gain and so forth, and it would be very helpful if I could find out the actually used exposure and gain at the moment. To clarify, for example I'm setting some Dahua 5631RP-ZE up, and I'm using Manual mode with Customized range. My exposure is set for example to 0-3msec, and gain currently 0-100%. I would like to know, frame by frame in recordings or in real time, what exposure did the camera use for that frame, what gain was applied, and so on.

This would be very useful to help me optimize the settings. I'm struggling with a lack of sharpness (not due to focus) in some circumstances and understanding what settings the camera is applying in the moment would be immensely useful in making adjustments to the parameters.

Is there some overlay mode that can be enabled, either in the camera web interface or in BI that would give me this data?

Thank you!