Weird Password behaviour

Jan 21, 2022
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I've set up Reolink E1 Pros and E1 Outdoor with Blueiris following The Hook ups BlueIris guide.
Until recently everything was working. I then started to get messages to check my username/password.
I checked the passwords and noticed that two extra characters were appended to the end of my password eg Z6 or U4.
I removed the two characters and saved the setting only for the two extra characters appearing.
I then removed the cameras, stopped the service, exited out of BlueIris and launched BlueIris again.
I added the cameras back again adding the correct password and confirming by pressing the eye. I saved the config and waited for BlueIris to load the camera only to get the same error.
I checked the password field only for the two random characters to reappear.

I have other cameras configured in Blueiris and do not see this issue.

Any suggestions?