What GPU for Blue Iris on Unraid VM


Young grasshopper
Nov 19, 2015
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I am planning on running BI on a VM within Unraid. I plan to run Plex on a docker and BI on a VM but as I cant share the GPU between VM and Docker, I need to get a dedicated GPU just for BI for the windows VM.

Can someone please let me know what sort of card I can get away with? I just need something that will run about 8 cameras mostly in 4K. I dont want to hammer the CPU as I am using most of it in Unraid and a couple of dockers.

THere are 2 PCI slots on my mobo, one of them will be used for an Nvidia Quadro p2000 card and the other one, I want to use for BI.

If anyone has any experience with this that would be great. ALso I have space for a shorter PCI slot..here is a pic of the mobo