Where did my alerts go?

Discussion in 'Blue Iris' started by Philip Gonzales, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. Philip Gonzales

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    Sep 20, 2017
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    So I record continuously 24x7 on all profiles direct to disk. Today I accidentally unplugged my power strip that goes to all my servers when I was fiddling around and plugging my NAS in to it's permanent home. So my blue iris server was rebooted. I also cleared the log. After I got everything up and running again I noticed that my alerts were missing before the reboot. The reboot happened around 7PM or so.

    What I mean by alerts is the little blue person under the time line. The way I understand it, this is not actually a file but rather a bookmark to when motion was detected. Since I record 24x7 I do not believe I ever have any files in my alerts folder, only 2 hour clips in my New, Stored, and Aux1 folder.

    I tried recreating the "issue" by clearing the log again but my alerts didn't disappear this time. Was it the reboot that caused this? I'll be honest I never really tried to go back more than a day on alerts so I'm unsure if this is normal behavior. Just curios so I know what not to do next time, if it was something I did.

    If you see my recording go on for more than a day (about 4 days right now but that is outside the view of window). This view only shows about 6 hours the way I have it zoomed in but I did have alerts before 7PM. For instance when I got home around 5PM all cameras detected motion.

    alerts missing.png

    If I select yesterday in the calendar view for alerts it doesn't show any alerts.

    Alerts missing2.png

    Sorry in advance for what probably is a dumb question. Appreciate any help on this.