YANG (Yet Another New Guy) joins the board


Oct 6, 2017
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Hey everyone,

Been all over the web seeking common sense advice, and ipcamtalk appeals to me as the most authentic group of folks with knowledge about surveillance video and gear. In fact, I lurked awhile and made my first purchase based on what I read here, and I am quite pleased with its performance.

I was going to "validate my presence" going into my own background with video and computer gear... but the fact is I'm quite skilled but no expert in these, and where networking comes into the picture I am still an utter newborn.

So I lurked and did homework, contacted Andy, and received a camera and NVR with excellent performance for what I needed (a Dahua SD49225T-HN Starlight camera, and a Dahua NVR5216-16P-4KS2).

I thank this forum and its members for your passion on the subject, for testing, posting results and clips, and discussing systems as much as you have! And for sharing it with folks who may just be passing through, or for others who join and remain and contribute, without knowing which they will be.

I still have questions about my system... particularly networking the NVR to my computer (which I will search on next!), some of the deeper NVR features, and your thoughts on software, but I felt I should say hello first.