Yojinbo joins to borrow your bio-MIPS


Aug 27, 2017
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"Yojinbo" comes from one of my favorite Akira Kurosawa films. I am not Japanese nor do I speak more than 10 words thereof.

Executive Summary: Old tech guy upgrading the kit at his home.

(further reading optional)

I'm a middle-aged tech "hobbyist". I work in IT Services - exclusively in ERP systems (one German one in particular). I have done this work for over 20 years now. Before that I was an IT Manager. Prior to that I was a Network Tech and a Programmer (RPG II, IBM System 36). I knew IP administration at one point - I was a Cisco Architect and a Novell Admin in the early 90s. I set up some of the first gopher and WWW servers that the organizations I worked for had seen. I replaced coax terminals with PCs (as in actual IBM 5150s) + Terminal emulation cards and later Token Ring LANs. Then, I pulled out all that Token Ring and implemented Ethernet LANs.

I put up my fist IP camera in 2004 at home - never for paid work. I tried (and try is all one can really do even today, I think) my first WiFi camera in 2005. I have a rag-tag collection of Axis cameras from the last several generations including 205, 230 (4lb beast), 206W, P3343, etc. I am not a great proponent of Axis but they were an early player and just about the only game in town at one point.

I am not a fan of the cloud-based solutions designed to have Customers paying and paying and paying. I know first-hand how good this business model sounds to weak-minded but well-funded VC types who are sold a business plan that has every human on earth paying 3-digit monthly maintenance fees in 3 years time! I do like the idea of one-off solutions meeting specific needs build from a myriad of tools made by competing Vendors in a free marketplace. I want to own my cameras. I want to own my video files. I want to control what leaves my LAN.

I have some residual IP Networking skills (rusty).
I have a shop and can fabricate things both physical and electrical from wood, metal and composites.
I can terminate and pull cable.
I have some small programming skill and several children who are versed in more modern languages.
I am a word-class troubleshooter and that skill alone lets me succeed at times where I would fail in any just world.

I cannot foresee adding any great expertise to the discussion here but I will endeavor to share what I know and what I have done that worked and that failed with equal enthusiasm.

I am in the process of installing Blue Iris with the goal of some smarter management of my existing camera fleet and expanding my cameras to some newer models.

Particular areas of interest:
SIP (or other IP) gate "intercom" units
LPR-based (or other) Boolean logic to separate my UPS man from the van-o-thugs trying to steal my Hieronymus Bosch bobble-head collection (not a real thing).
Lower-end cameras (or just enclosures) that invite attention accompanied by high-res actual cameras that remain unnoticed (misdirection).
Reducing false-positive motion alerts cased by rodentia and ruminants (squirrel and cows/deer).

I have done some quality lurking and learned a lot from this community. I appreciate those of you are taking your time to build the common knowledge base.

Title 16 Part 255 disclosure (USA):
I do not make or sell video or surveillance products.
I am not here to promote or defame any Vendor, Manufacturer or Reseller.
I do not exchange goods or services for promotions, social media buzz or other endorsements.
I do not receive free or reduced price products in exchange for reviews.
Any opinions I express are my own.
It try to pay the same price any other person would or should pay for what I comment on.
I don't "do" paid/compensated reviews but I pass no judgement on those who do - I get a lot of great info from honest souls who receive promotional kit and tell the rest of us what the future looks like.
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