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Hello Andy,
I am looking to upgrade one of my two old Lorex systems to a Blue Iris system and have been looking at cameras.

3 to 5 of the IPC-T5442TM-AS or IPC-T5442T-ZE just not sure what the differences is.

7 to 8 of the IPC-T2413T-AS

And possibly one of this one. SD49425XB-HNR
Please feel free to DM me.

Hi I have bought Dahua from China DH-IPC-HDBW4631R-ZS) and flashed the wrong firmware (yes, I am an idiot). Since that moment the cam does not "see" the Ethernet. Only option how to flash the cam is to use either serial or via uSD card.
There was very helpful guy (iTuneDVR) who did try to help me, but at the end there was no joy.
Do you think the cam is toss?

huisun problem
Hi njnetman.
i hope you are safe and well. i was hoping you may be able to help me out i have what appears to be the exact same problem you had with your huisun camera a few years ago could you please explain how you solved this problem i,m not very good with networking but i can if explained i have asked on ipct but no replys i came across your post and seen you had the same problem exactly, what was your solution
kind regards john
Andy I need a couple of cameras to protect my house while I'm driving to Cali. Must have Starlight Technology or equivalent, be bullet cameras, POE capable, and as cheap as possible. Don't know if you can find something. If the price is right I'll buy one or two more. George
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would you take $120 a piece or am I way off? on the IPC-HFW5231EP-Z12
if those are gone I'd buy a couple IPC-HFW5231EP-Z 's as well $190?
Hi Ubaid,

Is it possible for you to help me to update the firmware of my VTO3211D-P2 ?
The actual version is 2018-04-21 V3.200.9999000.0.R and I am unable to update it :(


Hik DS-7108N-SN/P I had an issue with this nvr but Allistair provided a firmware that returned it back to english.. unfortunately that firmware doesn't allow the PTZ feature to work on any camera including hik. also all 8 cameras never keep the same time. Now i am in need of accessing the cams directly on occasion so "virtual host" would be nice to have.. i have V3.0.7 build 140805 anyone have a good working "english" firmware for this nvr that also has working ptz support and virtual host.. thanks
oops sorry wrong area
Hi Andy
Are your Loryta cameras upgradable directly from Dahua? Specifically the DAHUA DH-IPC-HFW5241E-Z12E. Are there any differences (other than the logo) between the Dahau version and the Loryta OEM version? Thanks!
I plan to use this as an LPR. Slow moving vehicles in a parking lot or stopped at a gate only. Mounted roughy 15'-20' off the ground about 150'-175' feet from the car. Is this the right choice for that application? Also, I noticed it was cheaper to buy from you on your aliexpress store vs your Amazon store. Am I looking at that correctly? Thanks!
Yes 150-175ft can work if place not very dark at night. If too dark, will need an external IR light.
I send you a PM about the details.
Awesome - thanks! plenty of light - directly under an LED streetlight.
Hello. I have some issue is any one have solution to solve this issue.
Recently I have install 3 ip camera's (ds-2ce1143goe-i)with 8 channel nvr (7608ni-q1).
When I select the camera image to full screen it give clear image and when I minimize the camera's view they give blurry image.
Hi Andy. What Fisheye cameras do you currently have in stock?