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Hey man, I stumbled on a post where you mentioned you used half a pinball rubber for a fix. Are you a pinhead? What pins do you have?
Hey Andy,

I've got a Hikvision DS-7616NI-Q2, Looking to add 6-8 cameras for now for home suveillance. Do you have a store I can browse products?
Cool, can use colorvu 4mp would be best. Send you a dm for further talking
Hello! I heard through the grapevine that I should maybe reach out to you before buying Amcrest/Dahua? I was looking at getting a few of the 5MP Amcrest turret cams. Thank you!
haha, i don't sell amcrest, please just buy from theire amazon shop.
We sell bit higher level camera than amcrest, industrial level we sell.
I saw your recent message about using a GT 1030 / 2 GB with Deepstack. I'm running BI and DS on a refurbished i5 4670 / 3.4 ghz / 16 GB ram / Windows 10 Pro. It's running ok but I was thinking about adding a GPU for Deepstack so I could do AI analysis on a few cameras that currently only do regular motion detection. Most of the NVIDIA cards cost more than I paid for the whole computer, and I'm looking to find the cheapest card that will work.

It looks like I can get a GT 1030 with DDR4 pretty cheap, and one with DDR5 for a bit more, but still within a range I'd consider reasonable. Which type of memory does your card have? Did it make a big difference in DS processing time vs. the CPU version?
My card has DDR5. I'm not sure how you'd go with DDR4 as it's a substantial drop in bandwidth.

Having the GPU made an enormous difference. My BlueIris install is running on an i5-7600 and deepstack was taking over 1500ms to run detection. If motion triggered more than one camera simultaneously the response times would skyrocket.
Poor reponse times with CPU detection meant events were frequently missed - it simply can't analyse multiple/subsequent frames quickly enough.
An i5-4670 would be significantly worse and will be compounded by generally higher utilisation (regardless of deepstack), as 4th gen CPUs lack a lot of H264/H265 hardware accelleration (available in 6th gen+).

Detection on my GT1030 takes about 300ms (and is faster when it's procesing bulk images). That's using the medium model set. It's fast enough to reliably detect objects even if multiple cameras are triggered simultaneously. I'm yet to have an event that failed detection.

My overall experience is CPU detection on these lower end CPUs is tolerable for testing and tuning, but unacceptable for "production" use.
You need fast inference times if you want accuracy. The more frames you can process, the better the chance of correctly detecting an object, before it moves out of the cameras field of view.
Thanks! I'll go with the DDR5 version and hopefully have similar results.
Hi Andy. I hope all is well. I'm intereted in a Dahua NVR with PoE and two high quality indoor camera. Any tips? NVR should be for 8 cameras to allow upgrades. I've been looking at your aliexpress site. Cheers!
Hi Andy, I recently (Oct 16) bought from Amazon/Aliexpress an EmpireTech SD5A425XA-HNR 4 MP 25x Starlight +IR camera. This is to replace a Dahua DH-SD6AL830V-HNI camera which for whatever reason stop functioning. I have it down and will work with it, reset to factory specs, change POE injector, etc. My problem is with the new camera. It won't auto track. I have 2 other Dahua cams SD59225U-HNI and am quite familiar with the setup and working with the FW. The new firmware is slightly different and for some reason I can't get it to track. The FW will move the cam to various presets, scan and tour without difficulty, The images are as to be expected. The playback on my NVR show normal motion detections, etc. As you can tell I am a bit OCD about auto tracking cameras. I also have 4 Hikvision DS-2DE4A25IW-DE 4 MP cams setup around the front of our house. I just need some advice as to what I may be missing in setup before considering sending camera back. Thanks,, Fred Clarkson
Just joined this morning and have some questions about License Plate Recognition LPR Security Camera W/ Long Range 8-32mm Lens. I have a copy of Blue Iris on a computer and wonder if I have to also install the recognition software fro this camera on same computer and wonder if this will overwhelm the computer resources? Also can Blue Iris take full advantage of all the features of this camera without using the software that comes with he camera, IE can I adjust everything on the camera without switching to the app for this camera? Lastly what are the mounting restrictions(distance, angles, etc) and for nighttime use is IR or regular LED flood lights better?
You need to ask this on the forum :)
Who is running the store? Do you have tech support for cameras sold in the store? If I ask on the forum where is best place?
You can message me directly or ask in the IP Camera forum :)