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Hi ITM, on your posting, below, would you be kind enough to refer refer me to where I could find this hack? For RTSP specifically. I am starting to get packages stolen for the first time with the pandemic fully kicked in and considering the Yi cam on sale here, but have a feeling it may be diff due to PTZ reference. I have a hacked Yi Cloud Dome 1080P configured with Blue Iris. The rtsp video stream works fine, but I don't seem able to get PTZ control from BI. Is this actually possible?

I am interested in firmware for the old 2013 DVR Dahua NVR 5208. Now it has firmware from 2017 2.610.0000.7 which does not work WEB-server browser on the local network. The firmware update from the site Index of /Dahua/Firmware/NVR/NVR5xxx the registrar does not want to download, it says that the error. Do you have firmware for NVR5xxx (5208) 2018?


I noticed you also have the DS-2CD3345-I. By chance you have any firmware that I can download for it? Mine is non-upgradeable but it is set to WR and has English GUI.
Model DS-2CD3345-I
Serial No. DS-2CD3345-I20180625AAWRC31501608
Firmware Version V5.4.52 build 170527
Encoding Version V7.3 build 170526
Web Version V4.0.1 build 160712
Plugin Version V3.0.6.5

However, the built firmware does not work with NFS or SMB/CIFS. I was hoping your firmware or some other firmware may have that function working.

Tengo un problema con la configuración de mis cámaras de seguridad doméstica, en un principio lo tenia todo configurado y funcionaba perfectamente, una hora sin más se han desconfigurado casi todas las cámaras y no activarlas nuevamente.
En el apartado de la búsqueda automática de IP, s de las cámaras instaladas no me aparece ninguna ¿sabe si se encuentra alguna configuración especial en el apartado de configuración o asistente de acceso remoto?
Hi ,
can someone help me with my iDMSS plus.
I set up alarm subscription on my fiancé iOS no problem. when it came to my phone I can’t seem to find a device in the alarm subscription add on
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We can add that. Can you write up some info on it?
You mean like....

Edgerouter-X Setup Tutorial for creating isolated camera and IOT networks. Protect your main network from your camera network and prevent cameras from phoning home. Tutorial also includes setting up a VPN for safer outside access into your home network.
Had mike work on my problem yesterday he did a great job fixed my issue would highly recommend. thanks again mike. tony
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My pleasure, Tony!
Hallo, Ik zag dat je een response had gegeven op het forum van en dat je waarschijnlijk een slimme deurbel hebt. Zo ja dan zou ik graag willen weten hoe die bevalt en welke je hebt. Ik heb n.l. interesse in de Nelly's deurbel omdat deze ONVIF ondersteunt. Ook heb ik gezien dat ik 'maar' een travo heb van 8Volt en vraag mij ook af hoe jij dit hebt gedaan. Ok, ik hoor het wel (of niet), Groet Peter
Please am having issue with sunba PTZ cameras I power it with 12v 4am and the distance of the power cable is 20m but d camera didn't power up. Please what cn I do
i have the hikvisoin dvr DS-7108-HGHI-E1 its booting problem
any one give me link its firmwere or dav file