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Hello there, have a question. Got faulty Dahua camera DH-IPC-HDBW4431EP-AS it doesn't boot, not from POE not from power. maybe you know common problems of those, as I would like to try to fix it. Or maybe you have schematics of logic board. thanks

I used Dahua NVR (NVR5232-4KS 2). My IP Camera is hiveiw Camera.. I have 32 channals .

The cameras work, the NVR is working, everything is connected and I can see and record video ok. My only issue at the moment is with the playback.

I am able to see that the video has been recorded, however when I try to click on the timeline to select a particular time to view, the playback always jumps to a completely different time!

If I click 10:00am, it'll start around 10:11am, if I click 11:20am, it'll go to 11:21am etc .

I cannot seek/move on the timeline anywhere between hour marks. It's very frustrating.

Can you help me ? how to fix this issue
Can I get pricing ship to Arizona, USA for the HDW2231R-ZS, HDW5442TMAS, HFW5231-Z12E. B5442E-ZE (Do you think this camera would work as an LPR approx 60ft distance). Feel free to price an alternative camera if you think it would be better. I have a 3 car wide 30ft long driveway and would like 2 cameras for the corners of the garage door. 1 LPR camera. primary concern is night time identification and LPR. There is a motion led floodlight centered on the garage door, and a decently bright steetlight across the street.
Hallo, könnte ich Dich bzgl dem TFTP Programm kurz was fragen ?

ich habe nun mehrfach versucht meine VTO2000a-c mit TFTP wieder ins Leben zu rufen, leider kommt immer die Meldung:
Client root\failed.txt

Muss ich nun via serieller Schnittstelle an die VTO ?

Dear admin
My DVR password lost
DVR serial no : DS-7108HGHI-F1/N0820190308CCWRC98613659WCVU
so, how can i reset password
plz. help me.
Hi Jack, I just saw your reply in the forum from a while back. So did you update your Swann 7300 to the 7400 firmware? Is that required to get the RLC-410 camera to work with the Swann 7300? You mentioned you deleted a password, is that a password for the camera? Where would I find that? Any help appreciated, Thanks, Jeff Woodin (
Hi Mat, I have been posting on here and others have responded but I still have not figured out a working answer. I want to set up a secure camera system with openvpn at a remote site that only has internet available via a hotspot. Actually Att is the only one that has good coverage there too. I have tried a MR1100 Nighthawk hooked to a Asus Rt-N66u router to the dvr. But was never able to get pass the openvpn set up apparently because aat is not providing a public IP. I only get IPv4 from them as well. I am not set on this arraingement, one guy suggest a ras-pi system but I am not sure that will be any better. There must be a way to set up a camera system at a site with only cell data with some sort of hardware combo. If you have any ideas on this I will appreciate hearing them, Thanks.

I'm moving from a Lorex NVR to a custom outdoor monitoring setup. Would like to purchase 1-2 cameras first to try them out, but assuming they work well I'll need probably 6 more. considerations:

- will be running BI. must be POE cameras.
- house is in a place where it gets cold (-25C), snows, rains hard, in the winter
- reliability is a must. We aren't there for months at a time. I can't easily send someone out to power-cycle the cameras, flash the FW, or wipe off the lenses
- prefer turret style (remote controllable PTZ)
- yard is large...would like some night-vision ability for up to 30-40 feet. willing to install additional infra-red to facilitate that if necessary
- internet upload from there is awful. Like to record at high-rez so we can zoom in when necessary, but will have to down-sample to reduce resolution to support remote viewing. Do any of the cameras have HW to make this less taxing on the BI CPU?

There is no turret PTZ, you can check SD1A203T-GN, this one can support all of your requiry.
thanks. that does look like it fits nearly everything I need. I've heard some concerns with dome cameras fogging that a realistic risk? This one is 2MP - which seems light compared to some other options. Is there an equivalent version with higher resolution. Or is # MP not the thing I should be most concerned about (vs, say, CCD size or lens quality?)
The foggy happens on some cams which has wet air inide, so when camera work outdoor , camera inside is bit warmer than the outdoor air, so the air inside will have some condensation, this will disappear soon after you use 2-3 days.
Hi Andy,
I was actually referred to you by someone on SlickDeals :). Looksl like you have quite a reputation all over the web. Anyway, I wanted to purchase 2 or 3 cameras and was wondering what's the difference in price vs buying directly from you vs Amazon. Thanks!
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Hi Jack

Which cameras you are interested ? Then i can tell you the price difference.
One hdw5231r-ze and two hdw2231r-zs. And what's the difference between the shipping times? Thanks.
Hello EliteF,

Purchased the generic DB2 Doorbell from here on Ebay. It was a buy it now or best offer. It was just a tad less than the company that sells them here on the forum (Nelly Security).
eBay item number: 293147041905

Sells for $125 plus $11 for shipping. I purchased it for $115 plus $11 for shipping. It came in a sealed white box with labels about content but no MFG info.

Thank you Pete. I will look into this and I think I already saw that after searching ebay for 3mp video doorbell.
Wish I could sell the shitty DB1 doorbell to someone to offset the purchase price of the new one =X

Thanks again.
I had a bad SD card in my camera preventing me from seeing more than a couple of events. I replaced the SD card and it now works properly but it now has zoomed in on its own. I am not sure how to get it back the way it was, showing more area that it is now. Is there something in the settings. My doesn’t seem to react to the zoom icon and it never did.