Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more! 1.5.0

Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

  1. 1.5.0 - Blue Iris v5 Compatible!

    • Works with BI5!
    • Auto detect BI version on load option added
    View my post here.
  2. 1.3.2

    Introducing IPCT DDNS!
    • Introducing IPCT DDNS! Free DDNS service for all IPCT members!
    • Misc. bug fixes
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  3. 1.3.1

    Essential Fixes from 1.3.0
    • Essential bug fixes from v1.3.0 (for anyone who 1.3.0 didn't work for, which was not everyone)
    • A HUGE thanks to @th182 for the help in pinpointing the errors and for being my guinea pig! A big thanks to @MytMyk for the help as well!
  4. Temporary downgrade while 1.3.0 is fixed

    This is the installer package for v1.2.3. V1.3.0 has been removed while I fix a bug.
  5. 1.3.0

    BIT Add-ons system built
    • Introducing BIT Add-ons! Create your own or install from the community for more control of BI and BIT
    • BIT Event Handlers installed for interaction with BIT & BI
  6. 1.2.3

    • Misc. bug fixes
    • Performance enhancements
  7. 1.2.2

    • More bug fixes.
  8. 1.2.1

    • Important bug fixes.
  9. 1.2.0

    BIT Cloud
    • BIT's biggest update yet! Introducing BIT Cloud!
    • Connect to your BIT remotely to gain control, view stats & more
    • BIT Web Server creates a website for you to visit to view and control your BIT
    • Update to BIT 1.2.0 and click Options -> BIT Cloud
    • Misc fixes & tweaks
  10. 1.1.7

    • Fixed 'Everything' option not saving.