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Dancing Salesperson

I have no clue what he was selling, maybe dance moves?
I am wondering if you are allowed to put such video online ? I mean this is personnal data and this guy didn't do anything wrong and whenever this video is fun I have doubt that he would agree to be put online like this but I am not aware of US laws for such situation.
@jlindblo I do not see the relation between what you say and the fact that the movie with this dancing guy has been put online worldwide accessible without its permission.

If you want to record all video activity in your property for security reason ok, but this do not mean you have the right to make such video go public (especially if the guy did nothing wrong), this is personal data disclosure.
Personal data? This? Are you serious? You can't read his name tag so that could be anyone.
@bp2008 a name on a badge is a PII (Personnal Indentifying Information) also called "personnal data" but a photo or video showing the face of a people is also a PII because a PII is "information that is linked or linkable to an individual".

You cannot do what you want with PII of other people (especially when this guy is not commiting any felony), it's not like if you record a group of people in a crowd with no guy especially "targetted".

However situation is different with people that are "public" because of what they are and what job they have (artists, sportsmans, politicals...) so it is accepted that you can film and "expose" them when they are doing their job.

And also a lot of people missmatch "personnal" and "private" and "sensitive" data.

As a Privacy Data Officer at my company I regularly deal with requests and complains about those PII whenever they come from customers or employees.

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