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    AQI information possible?

    Yep, very much want AQI in whatever way possible.
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    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    Happy to spend the money, this software is of much more value to me. The horros are more about my entire setup breaking due to the update. I've seen a fair share of those here, so dont want to touch what's already working.
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    iOS Push Notifications have stopped working

    bummer that v4 will not get push notifications anymore. There's nothing wrong with the software, all it needs is a cert update. I think it deserves an update just for that....
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    Blue Iris Updates - Official Thread

    So no more push notifications for people on v4.x? I understand its EOL but not getting push notifications for a missed cert update is a bit ridiculous.
  5. AdySan SSL cert expired

    The SSL certificate seems to have expired today 3/7/2019. Who do we notify? As a result the software cannot check for updates.
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    Recommendations to sell my Dahua NVR

    is there a dedicated section here or just posted in the hardware section?
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    Recommendations to sell my Dahua NVR

    I bought a Dahua NVR, specificallyDahua NVR 16CH 4K UHD H.265 HDMI 2 SATA P2P NVR5216-4KS2. However, I soon moved to BlueIris and have been extremely happy with it for the past few months. The NVR is just sitting there, pretty much unused. What would be a good place to sell it? It's such a niche...
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    Cheapest small computer that can drive a 4K display, quietly?

    I'm running Blue Iris UI3 in Chromium on a Raspberry Pi 3 and it's driving a small HD monitor and that seems to work great. However, I want to replace the display with a much larger 4K TV. What would be a good computer dedicated for this purpose? It doesn't really need to be beefy, just enough...
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    Last minute Halloween scary sound raspberry pi project

    I was able to get this to work with this simple python script running on the pi! #!/usr/bin/python#!/usr/bin/python import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt import os MQTT_SERVER = "" MQTT_PATH = "app" # The callback for when the client receives a CONNACK response from the server. def...
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    Last minute Halloween scary sound raspberry pi project

    hello folks, I have an idea for a last minute Halloween project to scare trick or treaters. My front door camera gets triggered reliably when someone enters the front yard. I would like to send a web hook/Mqtt message to a raspberry pi (which is physically connected to a little speaker) and...
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    Great deal for a Blue Iris Server HP i7-8700

    HP Pavilion Desktop 590-p0086 (Intel i7+8700, 1TB HDD, 24GB Memory: 16 GB Intel® Optane™ memory + 8 GB DRAM) Windows 10 - $599.99 Operating system: Windows 10 Home Processor: 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7+8700 processor (Core i7 and Intel® Optane™ memory) Memory: 24GB: 8 GB DDR4-2666 SDRAM...
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    Ubiquiti just announced Unifi Protect

    UniFi Protect This looks cool. Also their NVR is so small, somewhat skeptical how many cameras can that little thing handle. Only if they supported non-Ubiquiti cameras..
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    ADT selling rebranded Dahua NVR?

    ADT security basically installs a rebranded Dahua NVR and charge you a monthly fee for it? What am I missing here, why should anyone pay them a monthly fee?
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    Any BI motion trigger tricks to avoid triggering on car lights?

    This camera happens to be in an unfortunate location. I’m using zones to block out cars themselves but there are a lot of false triggers due to their lights. Any BI tricks that can avoid/reduce triggering in such situations?
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    CPU Usage with GUI on

    I got an HP Slim Desktop, with an i7 8700. Using Windows 10. Am a Mac guy here too, and BI is pretty high on the list of ugly windows softwares, but its worth it!