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    1. jmb
    2. evgen12345
      Camera work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much! Long life to you! Thanks for doing this!
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    3. evgen12345
      I got these values.
      The left hand byte (0x0C) is the most significant byte and should be used in location 0x05.

      The right hand byte (0xС4) is the least significant byte and should be used in location 0x04.
      Then I just replace these values in construction sites 04 and 05, with control figures of what happened?
      1. alastairstevenson
        Sorry, but I do not understand the question.
        That step is to select a specified block of the displayed bytes and calculate the checksum-16 value of them.
        Mar 19, 2019
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      2. alastairstevenson
        That is correct.
        Mar 19, 2019
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    4. evgen12345
      Hello Alastairstevenson! Trying to restore the camera with your video. I’m stuck on point HxD. My camera DS-2CD2432F-IW. Can you help how much you need to highlight the values for my camera? The FF value is 12 and change 02 to 01.
      1. alastairstevenson
        For DS-2CD2432F-IW the value in locations 0x64,65 should show 1298. To calculate the new checksum, select from location 0x09 until the value HxD shows for 'Length : ' at the bottom is F4.
        Then use Analysis | Checksums | Checksum-16 to calculate the new value.
        Mar 19, 2019
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    5. agroni01
      Hi man, I have a problem with DVR DS-7204HQHI-K1, it absolutely dead, it shows nothing at display. Only power light is on, and i can hear that it powers the HDD but it dosn't show anything at display. I can not find the device with SADP Tool. I have tried doing upgrade with tftp but it seams that the LAN port is not working also, so i cant make the connection. Im really hopeless. Thanks in advance
    6. Kwpang1
      Hi, I think you're the subject matter expert on this. Appreciate your help: will I be able to connect ip cameras > PoE switches > NVR (DS-7616NiE2-16P) PoE port directly without passing through the router? Thanks
    7. N3UJJ
      Seems like you are the resident expert on Hikvision here.
      I'm trying to help out a friend that bricked a DS-9016HFI-ST, and have only spent about 20 minutes with it so far, I tried to connect to the console (RS-232) port on the back to watch what was going on and saw nothing, the only thing that is not clear to me is if I need a null modem cable or a straight thru serial cable.
    8. Seeem
      Hi, Alastair, i have the same problem as joeRS12, and scnsa i do upgrade firmware with english version and the unit beeping now.
      I can connect to serial with putty and ping to What should i do next?
      i need the firmware? please Help me. My NVR DS-7716N-E4 / P16
      thank you

      Best Regards,
      1. alastairstevenson
        Check your 'Conversations' if your profile now allows this.
        Sep 16, 2018
    9. Mike
      Thanks for the donation!!
      1. alastairstevenson
        You are welcome!
        Many thanks for the fun and useful forum ...
        May 13, 2018
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    10. tradertim
      Hi Alastair, cant figure out how to message you. Just wanted to confirm upgrade process for a DS-2CD2142FWD-I20150727BBWR532057766 on 5.3.3
      .Found firmware at Don't seem to be able to write more than 420 characters? rgs
    11. Andrey Go 1999999
      Andrey Go 1999999
      Good afternoon.
      please send the password from the archive for investigation.
      if possible, login and password telnet
      V2.1.1 Build 20161229101557S

      We need to find a way to control the motors by coordinates, set and receive them
      thank you in advance
    12. omid
      hi Sir, Do you know how can I change the device type of the Hikvision camera? for example i want to changed the DS 2CD 2132 F-I to Our Model. thanks
    13. Habib
    14. vcam
      Hi this is my first time posting I apologise if this is a repeat question
      Ive got a DS7608N from China that I bricked trying to update the fw
      I found some Chinese firmware that I managed to load on to the NVR using Putty TFTP USB TTL
      The NVRs working but all in Chinese
      I tried the english version after changing the lang with hiktools in cmd prompt
      So has anyone got fw that will work in this situation
      Thanks Nick
      1. alastairstevenson
        The first thing to try is to ask the seller for a copy of the 'hacked to English' firmware that was on the NVR when you purchased it.
        Oct 11, 2017
      2. vcam
        Thanks for the reply, I've tried to contact them but they never replied. I'll try contacting them again. Failing that is there a way to extract the firmware from another nvr which is working (from the same supplier)
        Oct 11, 2017
    15. Jack Maloo
    16. Jack Maloo
      Jack Maloo
      Hi, this is Jack. I've a question for you, if you can kindly answer it.
      I bought a DS-7732N-E4/16P and I'm trying to update the firmware.
      I tried to change the firmware language (the NI release) using "hiktools lang digicap.dav 2" with no results.
      Can I modify my NVR as I can update it using NI's firmware release?
      Where can I download updated firmware for my NVR?
      Does I was stupid to buy the N version?
    17. autochampion
      1. alastairstevenson
        To apply the firmware to the camera you don't need the zip password as the camera has this built in to the upgrade program.
        Aug 6, 2017
      2. autochampion
        yes, no need for upgrade. I'm unpack, see, mod and etc
        Aug 6, 2017
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    18. dgonzalezO4
      Hey bro-queation for you. I have a 7616ni-e2/8p which I purchased a year ago and just purchased the 7616ni-e2/16p to replace it. Is it possible to do a setting backup and install it onto the newly ordered device? I really dont wann go thru all the setting again
      1. alastairstevenson
        I don't believe the NVR settings can be imported into a different NVR, from what I recall they are keyed to the original device but the camera settings should be possible. But there is very little in the camera settings export apart from passwords and addresses.
        Jul 25, 2017
      2. dgonzalezO4
        I see. Thanks for the reply.
        Jul 25, 2017
    19. AnılEnis
      Hi there!
      I have a problem with a Hi3516 in my camera module. I have to access Hi3516 as root. But I got an error like "None of nfsroot found in cmdline." when I type "su -" for access as root. I found your article and followed it. Unfortunately I stucked somepoint. I have Win 7 in PC and Ubuntu in VMWare. I did that steps by Ubuntu in WMware by serial communication but I couldn't. Can you help me about that?
      1. View previous comments...
      2. alastairstevenson
        "None of nfsroot found in cmdline." that's not a fatal error, it can be ignored, just a leftover line in the startup script.
        I've never tried running a serial connection under a VM - it sounds optimistic.
        There are plenty of serial terminal under Ubuntu - even PuTTY is available, though not quite as nice as the Windows version.
        Jun 29, 2017
      3. alastairstevenson
        I see you have Win7 native, Ubuntu in VM. I thought it was the other way round.
        Have you tried cat1024 for the telnet root password?
        Jun 29, 2017
      4. AnılEnis
        I tried but I don't know the username and password. I couldn't access via telnet. I typed "root" for username and nothing for password. Then I got "Login incorrect". Do you have any idea to help me?
        Jun 29, 2017
    20. Bart Schriever
      Bart Schriever
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