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  • I have problem I buy camera Dahua dh-ipc-hdw1430v-a. With mechine Dahua English its not suport cam Pliz help I buy 24 cam no have idea
    Hi can you help me with my cam hikvison ? i can reset passwaord to cam.
    Hard reset cam is only way - start from square one. Look up model for instructions
    I also lost the password to my Hikvision NVR, I was able to connect an older camera and extract the configuration file. I can not decrypt the file, would you provide guidance on recovering the password. Thanks
    The password for admin in the configuration file is
    Thanks, the camera did not grab the new configuration file. It appears the NVR has all Plug & Play slots are set to manual. If you know of anyone who can recover the password would you advise. I'm ok if it cost $,

    Thanks Darryl
    What's the model of the NVR, and what does SADP show for the firmware version?
    What firmware versions are on the existing cameras?
    Hi I have bought Dahua from China DH-IPC-HDBW4631R-ZS) and flashed the wrong firmware (yes, I am an idiot). Since that moment the cam does not "see" the Ethernet. Only option how to flash the cam is to use either serial or via uSD card.
    There was very helpful guy (iTuneDVR) who did try to help me, but at the end there was no joy.
    Do you think the cam is toss?

    Hi, I am from Canada, recently bought a NVR, from an IT company. The company went out of business and closed their local office here. They did not give me the admin password. While I tried to get the NVR into action, I found myself no where to go. The company has no contact for call or email to me. It seems to be an OEM HikVision NVR. I sent the password reset request to HIKVision canada, they said it's a grey market thing and will not help me. Can you please help me? Thanks.
    I worked it out in the end, sorry if I was a Dumbo, its my age and lack of messing with stuff like this, I used to be in IT support but that was many many years ago, was good to get my brain working again to be fair, everything is easy when you know how, must congratulate you and everyone else on the excellent instructions and posts that people contribute,
    I have 2 DS-2CD2032F-I updated the one as per instructions (number 2 tomorrow) went well (when i eventually got me little brain around it)

    Thank you very much!!!

    I have one other query though I have 2 DS-2CD2045FWD-I which I can live view through Chrome (on local network) but my old DS-2CD2045FWD-I has no live view any ideas??
    I found the instructions but I'm a bit stuck on what to do at double-click Checksum-16 stage, sorry not used a Hex editor before, many thanks
    Hi Alastair, sorry to bother you (bet you're always being pestered ;)) could you point me to the best thread to update my Chinese DS-2CD2032F-I have had a look around for sometime my brain is starting to get Mashed :banghead: Cheers!!

    Serial No.DS-2CD2032F-I20151031CCCH550884626
    Firmware VersionV5.2.5 build 141201
    Encoding VersionV5.0 build 140714
    Gracias................en 4 dias aprendi mucho y volvi a revivir una ds7216hqhi-k2.........Gracias al foro...... saludos desde Mendoza -Argentina :p
    • × Boa noite, estou precisando de ajuda, pois instalei um firmware errado na minha câmera FI 9828 p

    poderia me da uma ajuda
    Good evening,
    We are installing HikVision CCTV system in our company. We are using using windows server and domain controller. Only IT guys has admin access to install and manage computers and laptops. The electrician is responsible for check the IP Camera from week to week and install new IP camera.
    The main issue we experience with SADP application that needs admin privilege to access it. Is there another application or tool or a workaround to let him access this tool please?
    imran pasha
    we have connected the hikvision ip camera where no internet or pc is available, the video is getting recorded in the SD card available in the ip camera, but the problem is whenever the camera is switched on and off it is not showing the time correctly
    imran pasha
    we also have power problem, due to power failure the camera will be off for 3 - 4 hours after i restarts the time and date in the camera starts from the time it got switched off not the latest time
    imran pasha
    the video download on the SD card, once in a 10 days we shall download and see on the laptop with hik software
    Hi, Alastair, i have the same problem as joeRS12, and scnsa i do upgrade firmware with english version and the unit beeping now.
    I can connect to serial with putty and ping to What should i do next?
    i need the firmware? please Help me. My NVR DS-7716N-E4 / P16
    thank you
    Sorry to bother you. But been on a problem all day.
    I am new to hikvision. Tried to do a firmware upgrade today on a DS-7216HQHI-K2. Thought all was good until it rebooted. Can not log on? Empty user name. Connected laptop via network cable direct. Adjusted ip. I can ping success. But cannot see DVR. TFTP just says initialised. No other messages come up? Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance
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    Just wanted to say thanks your comments on this forum I have managed to get my NVR back wth the latest firmware.
    The trick to type commands at theprompt helped allot ;
    So thanks allot
    Sorry - I hadn't seen your previous response. Profile posts don't come up with the usual notifications.
    Glad that you got there, well done!
    That's an unusual trick at the bootloader command line - presumably Hikvision trying to hide something.
    Yes Hikvision hiding away. Suspect they will lock this away further in future versions.... Without reading allot on this site I would not have got this done. Really good stuff to refer to. thanks again...
    Hey i have PTZ Speed dome camera DS-2DE7184-A, i have a problem ptz control, PTZ function not working and upgrade firmware not working too, I try with sadp tool, and ivms4200 upgrade firware, not working say upgrade failed, please help me, i want donate you
    Sorry, but I have no experience with that model, so not possible to give helpful advice.
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