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  • Hello.
    I have an Android 9 Android TV Box X96 Max plus2 + ubiquiti aircam dome. I can't understand that some menu items are missing in the settings and what this is related to, such as


    Camera Settings-Recording
    Recording frame rate
    The frame rate that will be used for recording. By default, 0.2 frames per second (1 frame per 5 seconds).


    Settings-Recording Settings
    "Events Recording before motion detection (only in the background)"
    The number of seconds to record before motion detection. The pre-recorded buffer will remain in memory and will be cleared when motion is detected.

    Maybe you can use the detector of this camera, from the camera settings. But for now, the checkbox in the tinycam settings is grayed out with "use camera detector".

    Has anyone encountered this ? Because the relevance of the second is that the record is late.
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