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  • hello my friends,
    first sorry if my english is not very good, i have an indoor monitor dahua vth1550ch-s2 it was under firmware version V4.410.0000000.4.R.20200221 and i updated it with Nordic_V4.600.0000000.0.R.220819 firmware after extracting it we found two part of firmware part1 and part2 i update it with vdp config tool the update of part 1 stoped at 54% and my vth1550ch-s2 went on black screen now its bricked it wont turn on and when i pluged it into the lan cable there is no ip detected or any thing the only thing that show is the red led when i pluged it into power, I unsolder the eeprom ( gigadevice GS25Q127C ) i programmed it with CH341 with the firmware V4.410.0000000.4.R.20200221 and solder it back into the board but nothing hapened still the same problem, can u please post a video or more explain how to use this methode TFTP and TTL technique. i tried all and connect the rx tx gnd but cant have a response via putty or any thing else plz i need ur help.

    Thank you.
    Can you clarify the USB TTL connection to the VTO2000? How did you connect to such small contacts?
    Thank you in advance!
    Hello Allodo.

    do you still have commands.txt file for the VTO unbricking? If you do, could you please post me the content?

    Thanks and best regards
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