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    Blue Iris UI3

    <div class="pcButton hideWhenLive" onclick="videoPlayer.Playback_PreviousClip()" title="Previous Clip" id="pcPrevClip"><svg class="icon"><use xlink:href="#svg_x5F_SkipBack"></use></svg></div> <div class="pcButton hideWhenLive" onclick="videoPlayer.Playback_NextClip()" title="Next...
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    Blue Iris UI3

    Dear BP, Thank you for having made the most beautifull and functional addition to Blueiris. We use your interface every day and we enjoy all the possibilities that your interface offers. We do however have a few requests that will hopefully make it towards your wishlist. 1. Buttons for...
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    Help request: Get Youtube streaming camera towards Blueiris

    Anybody with any idea's on how to accomplish this task? NCO team
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    Help request: Get Youtube streaming camera towards Blueiris

    We are facing the following challenge: We would like to be able to add a couple of the webcams that the provence of Gelderland is operating into our blue iris setup. For an overview of all camera's see this page: overzicht webcams All camera's have their own subpage (see example webcam N325b)...
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    Display YouTube Livestream in Blue Iris

    This is exactly what we would like to accomplish as wel.. See webcam A325 HD as example. This camera is (only) available as youtube stream. We would like to add this camerafeed to our BI setup. Any advice on how to accomplish this? Nuclear bunker team
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    Blueiris settings issue - cameragroups missing

    Running the x64 version with 50 camera's and 22 camera groups. We noticed that we have issues with the camera group names. In our setup certain users only have access to their 'own' set of camera's, while others only have access to another set of camera's (thus explaining the great...
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    Consider an "Emergency" button?

    Currently such a button does not exist. The idea is appealing and is already on Ken's list (We proposed such a button a long time ago already :)) But.. Ken has to determine what new features he is able to implement first, and we will have tot wait until it's time this one makes it into the...
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    No videos on BI app..

    I fully agree. BI is the best NVR package there is. Having this many options, regular updates etc... you won't find this anywhere else. Atoombunker
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    You did it again! Very nice work. Thanks for fixing all this nice stuff. And.. perfectly in sync with what you promised. Double applause! Happiness has reached a peak level again :rolleyes: here at the nuclear bunker. One tiny, tiny, tiny detail: We use BI on several servers. The main server...
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    BI Tools uninstall?

    Sorry, I know that of course, switching up and down between BI/your webfile/bi tools makes me mixing you guys up! Atoombunker
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    BI Tools uninstall?

    Of course you would need to exit the software first (if minimized: right-click on task bar and choose to exit software) I do have a Blue Iris tools showing up under configuration/programs (normal windows box..). Continue by de-installing/removing the software there. After that: check for...
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    BI Tools uninstall?

    Just run the uninstaller :-) But.. why would you NOT wanna have such a great piece of additional software installed? (And no.. not related to Mike or BP2008. Just a question from a happy user :cool:)
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    Its 23.55 over here in the Netherlands. In about 5 minutes the 'on or before 27 September' must be rewritten to 'ON 27 September'. Cannot wait to see all improvements. :-) Atoombunker [Update.. 27/8/2015 11.30.. only 12,5 hours left :rolleyes:]
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    Version 4.0.9!

    As always we are very happy with the updates and improvements. Ken did another great job in supplying the community with a new version again. Regarding the fact that we cannot disable the framerate autothrottle anymore: about this item we are less happy. We use a lot of cams and we have 2 blue...
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    Bi mobile vs bi viewer

    We concur. Ken is always updating and bringing in new features. This is something you hardly see with other developers. Personally we see a $9.99 amount as a price that is way to low for the quality that the app offers. (Not calling for a price raise, but just to know that for that amount you...