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    EmpireTech Dahua Deer on TPC-BF3221-TThermal Temperature Monitoring Camera

    The 256x192 pixels explains why the above videos are in 4x3 aspect ratio. Has both Thermal & Visible cams: Series: Lite Body: Thermal Bullet Image Sensor: Thermal Camera: Uncooled VOx Microbolometer Visible Camera: 1/2.8" 2M CMOS Resolution: Thermal Camera: 256(H)x192(V) Visible...
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    Hide cat5 between gutter and house

    A PVC cable cover/raceway could also work, painted to match house.
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    CMP Cable

    Yes! Great SF Bay area company for cable, both bulk & terminated. Been using them for years.
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    External mic setup for HIKvision DS-2CD2645FWD-IZS

    Won't work. Lapel mics are usually paired with a body pack wireless tx or connected directly to some type of preamp (phone, laptop, mixer, etc.). Search for Audio Surveillance Mics or similar.
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    Earthquake Camera Shake

    Lived in the Bay area 25+ yrs, lots of shakers, mostly minor. Fun fact - while driving you almost never feel an earthquake unless it's a big one. If you do, mostly disregarded as wind gust, road bump, etc. Wonder if those in the video felt anything?
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    Possible to get an analog feed from IP system?

    A slight contradiction in terms - do you want an analog feed or HDMI (digital) feed? Or both? For HDMI, a basic decoder will work. Check the specs for what stream you need to decode - H.264, H.265, etc. There are also decoders available for analog signals: TVI, CVI & analog HD signals. Same...
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    Thank you Vets!

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    Hurricane Nicole - Any one else going to be impacted?

    A couple hours North of you in St Augustine. Expecting 70mph gusts, 3'-5' storm surge, lots of rain. This one is literally 'bigger than Texas' @ 970 miles wide. Stay safe!
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    Worlds First Review - Dahua DH-IPC-HDW5849H-ASE-LED / IPC-Color4K-T - 2.8mm Turret

    BUG MAGNET! Great camera, but (at night using LEDs) my Alerts Tab is filled with flying insects attracted to the light. It's installed at a location where there is very little light, so need to use the LEDs. Looking to use supplemental lighting vs. camera LEDs, or move to another location with...
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    Holy Storm Surge!

    Camera on a house in Ft Myers Beach,FL during Ian.
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    Feed two PoE cameras with one network cable

    Here's a good capture showing POE Mode A & B pinouts, as related to PDs & PSEs. If you are cabled direct from a POE switch (Endspan) to your camera, you are using Mode A pinout. This sends POE power over the same pins (1,2,3,6) that carry data, leaving pins (4,5,7,8) unused.
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    LED string light flickering

    Actually, the LEDs turn on/off twice during a 60Hz cycle. Which makes them flicker at 120Hz. Try setting your Frame Rate (and IFrame) to 30FPS, and changing the Exposure to something divisible by 60 (1/60, 1/120).
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    LED string light flickering

    Check the 'Video Standard' setting, which is probably set for NTSC 60Hz. Change to PAL 50Hz and see if that makes a difference.
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    POE Switch but for wider operating temperatures? (mount in the uninsulated attic)

    Search for 'industrial switchers', Moxa is a good example. Standard Models: -10 to 60°C Wide Temp Models: -40° to 85°C Ambient Humidity 5 to 95%
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    Best lowlight 2-12 zoom turret cam under $299?

    Not the only criteria Criteria is in the subject of the post: Best lowlight 2-12 zoom turret cam under $299?