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    Gas prices

    This was what it took to fill my truck up at a truck stop in MD on the 9th. We get updates about fuel shortages on our tablets and this particular truck stop runs out of fuel sometimes twice a week. There have also been some truck stops in VA that have ran out of fuel multiple times in the past...
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    What cha listening to?

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    Is FREEDOM being strangled one generation at a time?

    So back in the mid 80's I used to walk to and from school which was about 6-7 blocks each way. This was for kindergarten to second grade. I would sometimes walk with other kids my age too. Usually after school was done, I would walk into town by myself to go to the deli my aunt worked at. By the...
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    Internet Speeds: What do you have?

    Depends what device I speed test at. The TV computer is 280/28 and the BI server is 945/42. My phone speed test is 360/40. I'm paying $79.99 for 1200Mbps with a 1.2TB limit.
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    Cable modem question

    The more I read about how hot the Arris runs, I think I am gonna go with the Motorola.
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    Cable modem question

    Well, the cable modem took a poop and I am looking for a new option. No more Netgear equipment. I am currently looking into three options which are the Arris SB8200, Motorola MB8611 and Arris S33. What does everybody think of these three options? Oh, for internet I have the Xfinity 400Mbps plan...
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    Default Password - IPC-K42A Indoor 4MP IR Network Camera

    I would like to think it is admin if I'm not mistaken
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    2022 New M20 Thermal Protable Camera

    I have a hand held thermal camera from flir. I can say it is a pretty useful tool.
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    East coast blizzard

    The grass is still poking through the snow here. Maybe three inches
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    Scaring people away with a flashlight

    Did you happen to take your raccoon out for a walk as a deterrent too?
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    Wrong Map Navigation

    In my defense, it not exactly easy to see signage coming up especially if your in a new area. I happen to like the truck specific Rand McNally gps. Before you finally accept the route, it shows you your destination with a map code which corresponds to a specific page in the laminated and spiral...
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    Wrong Map Navigation

    I started driving a straight truck 14 years ago at the company I'm still at. I was in the Bronx, kinda lost trying to figure out what road I needed to take as I'm looking at the non truck gps when I look in the mirror and see what looked like snow. It turned out I missed the sign that said 10'6"...
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    My Dream Life

    You can even do the Hudson river corridor in a small jet.
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    My Dream Life

    That's a perfectly acceptable distance from the statue of liberty. That area from about the Verrazano bridge past the statue and north up the Hudson river is a visual flight rules scenic flyway at I think 1200' and 1500' AGL with the appropriate approval from ATC. And you can't land in just any...
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    Cable modem question

    I had a one that looked just like that one made by Motorola I think. It lasted about six months before it started giving me issues. Wound up taking it out back and shooting it. Now a piece of it is on my shelf as a reminder to all my other electronics that if they act up, they too will be taken...