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    Is there a Blue Iris equivalent for Linux?

    Most Linux VMS I have played with are by no means full featured. They are some options that are worth checking out. Most are not install and run, they require tweaking to get installed correctly. Have a play at Shinobi. I have heard the zoneminder thing 100000 times, I feel it’s bunk. I...
  2. GSMarquis

    Warning about tool shipped with Dahua cams!

    After taking down a few Dahua cams for upgrade.....the new ones got anti-seize on the screws. They get whiteish corrosion on them, almost chalky.
  3. GSMarquis

    Dahua NVR NVR4XXX-4KS2 upgrade to 8 Channel

    Had a 8, gave to a friend to get started. Then bought a 16. Had the cpu load problem with 5-6 high res cams. Sold that one and bought a NVR6a08-32-4ks2. I have grown to 18 cams with my last cam, a 25x zoom starlight ptz with auto tracking.
  4. GSMarquis

    Dahua NVR NVR4XXX-4KS2 upgrade to 8 Channel

    You will do it again.....just get a 16. If you get a 16 and never load it up at least you will have more encoding power. Some of the NVRs have crap FPS on higher resolutions or a few 4K cams and all the sudden you are at 80% cpu capacity.
  5. GSMarquis

    Dahua NVR firmware with no plugin needed.

    Are the new firmwares coming out for the NVRs supporting the HTML5 no plugin structure? Been steadily watching for NVR6a08-32-4ks2. When Andy posts firmware’s they are higher versions than what’s on Dahuas site for the global/oem versions. Wondering if someone has a source like that for USA...
  6. GSMarquis

    Keyboard working on Dahua DVR.

    Totally. I found out its a Logitech BT MK270. I bought one and does not work. The mouse that comes with it does. I emailed Dahua and asked for usb keyboard added to firmware.
  7. GSMarquis

    Keyboard working on Dahua DVR.

    How is this BT USB keyboard working on this Dahua DVR? I can’t for the life of me get any usb keyboard to work. I’m on number 6 of trying.
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    I live in a “good neighborhood”.... with that being said, we get car checkers about 4-10 times a year. We have had some other down right crazy travelers come through also. As well as package pirates. I really believe neighborhood means nothing. People think if there street is all lawyers and...
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    Just ordered 2x IPC-HDW5231R-ZE for back of my house where it’s super dark. Also bought SD6CE225-HNI. I pretty excited to play with this one. I’m thinking mounting about 15 feet above the grade of the monitoring area on the front of my home in hopes of grabbing the most of my street. Brings my...
  10. GSMarquis

    Dahua new firmware 3.216.0000006.0

    Still waiting for usb keyboard support for basic entry. I can’t stand using onscreen keyboard pop up. A friend has a oem Dahua tribrid and for some freak reason a BT with dongle keyboard works.
  11. GSMarquis

    Replacement NVR for "old" Costco Lorex system?

    Lorex has a two year warranty, if you used your Costco card, you added another year to two years depending on what the item is. Have you looked into firmware updates? If you want a different NVR, at least get this one fixed and sell it to cover part of the new one.
  12. GSMarquis

    New setup

    It is a Netgear FS728tpV2. The price was right at $50.
  13. GSMarquis

    New setup

    I have purchased an additional 24 port poe manageable switch L2 with a few L3 options. I will be running both this switch plus a dumb 24 port for all other devices. I have a Dahua 32ch NA06-4K with two gbit uplinks. I will use one to connect to the poe switch uplink and one to connect to my...
  14. GSMarquis

    Attempt at car theft. 1080p Dahua ip.

    Well.....when ever you hear a fart do you not look and try to see who did it?
  15. GSMarquis

    Safari plugin for Dahua IPCs.

    Screw it. Bought a refurb off lease Dell. There are great prices on returned leases. i7, 16 gig, 128gig ssd for $300.00. I want to run, hate I say it, "Windows" versions of SmartPSS, config tools, etc. I have not had a Windows box in over 10 years. Only Mac OS and Linux. I will dual boot it...