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    Dahua IVS Tuning

    The area "size" is used for a reference point, but don't put to much thought into it because it is not exact... As far as 12 to 800' , pick your optimum point of interest and draw your min / max. I set mine about 60' out, nothing is going to auto track at 800' unless you have it zoomed in to a...
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    Fat bear causing trouble in the neighborhood

    He is a fatty..
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    Auto Pan

    I think it would definitely reduce the life of the cam...
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    Bucks in view..

    Nice !!
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    NVR 4.0 – New UI, New Experience

    Yes, just install last version and it will revert back.
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    Very nice, congrats, would like to see what they have put under the square looking block on the top.
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    Need help with some Networking and choosing PTZs

    I agree the 4108 is a very good NVR. The SD6AE240V-HNI is my second best camera, it has a awesome image at 2mp and it gives my 4k PTZ a run for it's money, I like it better than the SD6AE830VN-HNI at night. A PoE+ injector 802.3at( 30.8W) works just fine for a normal PTZ @ 30W but you would...
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    Need help with some Networking and choosing PTZs

    That would be cutting it too close I would think and 26W, 42W (Heater on, IR on) for the 4mp exceeds the NVR per port specs. I have my large camera and another long drop (350') wired for 24v powered with their 5A transformer that comes with the camera with no issues and that's with the heater...
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    Need help with some Networking and choosing PTZs

    @bigredfish , IMO the AI doesn't justify the price point at this time for the average home user. It is really overkill unless you just want the latest cool toy...( and I do ) but I still don't have a AI PTZ. All of these cameras are great cameras but I can say the SD10A248V-HNI is the best one I...
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    Holy 60x Zoom Batman! Dahua SD10A260WA-HNF

    Those SD10A's are some big cams..
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    Which PTZ for mounting on the top of the pole?

    Here are some top mounted traditional ball PTZ's that have full 360° view. I put a 4mp dahua lens in one of the large black ones and it has held up very good for several years. It is a much stronger PTZ than any other one I have ever seen, almost hard to move by hand. Only odd thing is the...
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    Review-Dahua SD1A203T-GN Starlight Mini PTZ

    Yes, not to happy with that... It was only outside for a couple hours when I snapped that pic.
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    Review-Dahua SD1A203T-GN Starlight Mini PTZ

    Only 2 that I see...
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    Holy 60x Zoom Batman! Dahua SD10A260WA-HNF

    Waiting on pricing @EMPIRETECANDY ... :screwy:
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    Dahua NVR HDMI output has purple hue and lines

    Move the HDMI cable around a little and see if it goes away, I know you said you changed it out but my same issue was with the cable.