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    First time mounting cameras outside... a bit lost!

    Thanks for the resources! I'm still deciding if I'm going to go through with conduit or not. (I could mimic my excellent comcast installation and just have the cable dangling about and twisted along a pole!) Would using PVC conduit be an option?
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    First time mounting cameras outside... a bit lost!

    Hi all, I've purchased two IP cams to work on my front porch. (HDW5231R-Z, and PFB203W for the mounting. I probably need to buy something else for the pole mounting on the driveway cam) One focusing on the driveway, and one on the porch/front door itself. I've read a few mounting guides and...
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    VPN Primer for Noobs

    Nice article. I've read a bit about setting up a VLAN but I've decided against it mostly because I'm pretty dumb when it comes to setting network stuff up, setting up OpenVPN on my router was difficult enough. Should have went for an Asus one! If I set up a VPN and then on my DD-WRT router set...
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    Dahua Mini Black Face PTZ (SD29204S-GN & SD29204T-GN)

    Do you think this was just a mixup on the part of the seller? Or is the non-POE version the only one they're selling? I want to pick up the POE version too, sometime. That sale seems like it would be a good time, but not sure if that seller would be good if they're messing up orders all the time.
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    Yet another "What PC should I buy?" thread!

    Thanks. I got it for $320 (and ate $20 shipping... I don't know why it's always the shipping that bothers me haha.) but from all the suggestions I've read it should be worth it!
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    Yet another "What PC should I buy?" thread!

    Hello friends, I've scoured the forums for the past few weeks to learn as much as I could about installing and viewing IP cameras. I've got a VPN set up and have blocked the IP camera from accessing the internet, though I have yet to buy a switch that would dedicate them to their own VLAN... It...
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    Good source to buy IP items at

    Hey Milk, could I get a catalog PM? Thanks.