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    BI-5 Remote Management? Anyone using it?

    Okay, thanks. I had hopes just for remote management it would work without. Maybe in the future. Webserver & Remotedesktop are of course good options to use, but I like the idea of a managementconsole I could just install and connect directly to licensed servers. So, back to all the other...
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    BI-5 Remote Management? Anyone using it?

    I think the motion sensor configuration may be a bug that could be ironed out in the future. What I didn't really get is if there is an option to use the remote console without an extra license, sind when I am remote connected it says activated and I can click "connect at startup" but when...
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    Profile settings lost after BI 5 upgrade

    Lucky me that for now non-HD and simple-algorithm are OK for me. I expected some problem when I upgrade this early, though. But I couldn't wait any longer, took me enough self-control to not upgrade to the unofficial V5...
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    Profile settings lost after BI 5 upgrade

    The problem with HD and gaussian I have, too. In the registry they aren't reflected, also, but other settings are saved. I thought I messed something up with my installation, but as I am not alone it may be a little flaw.
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    BlueIris5 Client ?

    Same here. It seems to be "licensed" as long as you are remote connected. May be that's some startup-optimization the developer will do in the next upgrades (maybe before the trial is over?).
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    UI3 Auto Login Delay

    That's handy! Wondered about that myself but hadn't thought that there might be an option for that.
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    I would ike to see that mqtt-messages are integrated with sentry and have information in it, like at the moment from blue iris the zones in which motion is detected are in the message (e.g. Motion_ABF) and when this message can have information from sentry like human, car, wife, secret lover...