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    hikvision ivms client & streaming media server error 26

    Got the same now.. i think we are the only one
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    IVMS 4200 disable Audio for some users.

    Hi. I have installed IVMS 4200 ( latest version ) and created users. When i right click on a specific camera with built in mic, i can get sound by selecting ''audio on'' However, i want to disable the users from getting sound, listening . But it seems like i cannot set such rights is that...
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    Max connection Streams in Hikvision DVR

    AS far as i have found out , the '' connections '' stands for the streams. so 1 stream is 1 connection.. As soon as i open the live view on 5 pc s ( 23 streams ) after the 6th it stops ( 5 x 23 = 115 ) So it could be true Same for use with IVms 4200
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    Max connection Streams in Hikvision DVR

    it is the DS-7324HGHI-SH
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    Max connection Streams in Hikvision DVR

    Hello Everyone. We have an installation of 32channels on an dvr which has 128 max connections according to the pdf sheet. As soon as 5 PC's are connected to the DVR by using Internet explorer, it doesnt accept anymore. So as far as i have learned, there is an streaming server option for this...
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    HELP! Lots of Hikvision NVR remote logins (illegal and remote) from outside my network!

    Same strange thing here.. Upnp disabled on both cam and modem. I searched google for that ip adress, as result: CO CIE BOLI, ZE RYCHU PEJA MA SZANSE UCZCIWIE ZAROBIC? Hik connect is enabled, but not registred at platform
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    Advise setting up multiple TV's

    Yes all of them hikvision. How about installing ivms 4500 on all of the devices, then just adding the ip adress. And view quad or 9 view on fluency. ?
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    Advise setting up multiple TV's

    What i was thinking about is to place those mini nvr about 12cm by 12cm. as small as possible. hard disk no need. But then i have to add them by onvif protocol OR rstp ( which would make it little bit more complicated with the steam links ) If that will cause timeouts because of onvif, i can...
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    iVMS 4500 not available anymore on Samsung devices Playstore

    Thanks for the reply. What irritates me the most with Hik connect, is the placement of the ICONS below then you open live view. 1st icon : SD-HD ( switch between sub and main stream ( which is ok ) 2st icon.. Speaker... oke? why 3th icon: Pauze... hmm like you need it very often? whats the...
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    iVMS 4500 not available anymore on Samsung devices Playstore

    I cannot find IVMS 4500 on samsung. However, hik connect, and ivms 4500 HD are still available/ is it only me ? I dont know if same case on app store
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    Advise setting up multiple TV's

    Thanks for the fast reply. I am not using Blue iris. What i was actually thinking of, are either placing an cheap NVR behind the tv, then adding the ip adress of the wanted camera, OR maybe An windows USB drive , installing ivms on it ,and adding cameras there, but last option is much more...
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    Advise setting up multiple TV's

    Hi all, i need help / advise / suggestions with the following situation: I have an installation, big building, installed 32 cameras, which are connected to poe switches all over the building. Now We want to view some cameras on TV's located at different Rooms. There are internet cables running...
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    Moisture in Hikvision EXIR camera DS-2CD2385FWD-I

    Hello, in all of the camera's i have installed, there seems to be moisture inside the lens. Doesnt matter hanging indoor or outdoor. I have checked inside the camera, the bags are there. So thats not the issue, but after a week its still like that. Didint try. What could be the possible reason...
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    Fast Shuffling in Playback with NVR local gui

    Hi, as you may know, with never NVR models, it is possible to playback video very easy, by just holding left mouse button in timeline, and moving left or right to fast view the playbacks. ( i dont know how this function is names ) ANyways, as far as i have seen this is yet not possible with DVR...
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    Hikvision NVR - Is it possible to lock a recorded file remotely via IVMS or Web?

    Same question here.. fount this unanswered thread. Someone ??