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    Build an affordable P.A. system for my driveway?

    Here you go, Just add a 12 volt power supply and you will be ready to scare all the assholes...
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    How do Uniview cameras stack up against others?

    I use Uniview for pretty much every install and have never had any issues with them. And if there is ever a need for tech support they actually answer the phone in a few rings and speak English. And they have a 3 year warranty on everything they sell. I would rather pay a little more and get...
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    Can anyone identify this Nvr?

    Gui looks very similar to Dahua
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    Can anyone identify this Nvr?

    The yellow sticker is the business card of the original installer. There are no numbers or markings at all on the recorder. I have a feeling it may be a rebranded Dahua due to the cheesy menu. I opened the cover and found bo useful info inside either
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    Can anyone identify this Nvr?

    Does anyone know who the manufactures this nvr?
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    Opinions on Cloud based video surveillance systems ?

    On average I install 3 Systems a week and always use a VPN for remote viewing. If a customer is really concerned about someone hacking into the system. The only way to really prevent that is to not have the system tied into the internet! Most of my larger commercial accounts have a dedicated...
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    few pics at another scrap yard install.

    These pics are from a install I started yesterday. there are 5 cameras mounted 30 feet on a pole just for a overview of the property. I will be placing 20 + mounted much lower but we are waiting for the electrical to be ran to the location to power. I finished a large install at one of there...
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    Legal question

    Lat Saturday I installed a small 3 cameras system in a condo building. The cameras are all installed in a shared space. lower level garage and storage locker area. we were not there for 20 min before a mother and daughter came to the garage and started bitching about invasion of privacy. I...
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    I would like some advice on installing cameras in my home.

    ummm, It is to early to answer this question.
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    strange creature checking out my mailbox camera

    That dirty little Bastard!
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    Wireless cameras recommendation?

    Maybe a little higher than 7 or 8 ft if this jackass is in the area.
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    Wireless cameras recommendation?

    Do you have attic space? or a basement? If so it should be pretty simple to hide the wires in the wall.
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    Wireless cameras recommendation?

    One bad thing about wireless cameras is they are garbage! If you cant get a cable to the camera location maybe call a electrician to install the cable for you. and install a quality ip system. I have never seen a wireless system that has worked properly. and they have a pretty short life span.
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    Lorex says I Have to use there POE switch help me

    If you use a external switch you will need to manual add them.