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    Smart PSS PC-NVR Help

    @looney2ns Thanks for the help :) After uninstalling Smart PSS and PC-NVR, I recorded a video of the installation process and as you can see I'm still having issues. When you have a minute, would you mind taking a look and let me know what you think? Thanks again for all of your help!
  2. SDONG

    Smart PSS PC-NVR Help

    Thank you ALL for the feedback & help! I already allocated HD space but every time I try to login to my NVR, it keeps logging me out and displaying the failed to get NVR info screen. Should I start fresh and uninstall Smart PSS? OR maybe a simple reboot of my computer might do the trick?
  3. SDONG

    Smart PSS PC-NVR Help

    Hello IP Cam Talk fam! I need some NVR setup help today. I'm using Smart PSS (Version 2.02.0) on my Windows 10 machine and am trying to use one of my internal hard drives as an NVR. On the 'Devices' tab, I added the NVR and it's show up as 'Online', but for some reason on the PC-NVR tab, I...
  4. SDONG

    Best indoor camera for use with Blue Iris

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. I'm interested in purchasing this camera and located in California. It looks like Hikvision has an office that's near me (18639 Railroad Street, City of Industry, California 91748). Can I purchase directly from them? Who is Andy?