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    School Thread: Lets stay educated and aware!

    I haven't had time to read the whole report and have only scanned the summary, but a lot of what I've noticed so far is common sense, at least to me -
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    Clip and archiving just new

    Match the iframe rate to the frame rate. The way you have it set, only one full frame is sent to every three plus partial frames. This can easily result in missed motion events.
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    Camera conected only to BNC to VGA converter.

    Male and model of the camera might be helpful as well.
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    What is causing the green on my cam?

    Did Windows update recently, like two days ago? Sounds like a video driver problem. Are you using hardware acceleration? If so, shut it off and see what happens.
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    How's that AI in a PTZ cam working out for you?

    Remember, too, that as the zoom increases so does the F stop of the lens. That means the higher the zoom goes the amount of light is lowered that actually gets to the sensor.
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    PoE Doorbell?!

    Have a look at this one. Not perfect, but at least it has PoE.
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    2.5 drive recommendation?

    Even with the use of sub streams a NUC may not work out well for Blue Iris. The processors in a NUC are usually "laptop" style processors which are designed to throttle the CPU as it heats up, cooling is a problem. This can lead to Blue Iris choking as the CPU slows down. I know of no 2.5"...
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    PTZ dome vs 2 camera's in a small but "deep" stable?

    Overall H264H will produce the best video with Dahua cameras. The amount of disk space saved by H265 is usually quite minimal and not really significant. H265 used large blocks to look for motion versus H26 which uses smaller blocks. This results in degradation of video and can also lead to...
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    How do Uniview cameras stack up against others?

    I have no experience with Uniview but I will offer a caution for every camera. Just don't judge them by a nice, color especially, night still shot. Look for night video with motion, like an actual person walking by or a car/truck driving down the street. Night time is when a surveillance...
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    US Elections (& Politics) :)

    A few were left out...foreign policy and race relations come to mind immediately. You know what's really scary? His handlers have been keeping him away from taking questions live. They've even avoided the scripted question "press conferences" because he even screws them up. This can only go...
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    Improving nighttime B/W recording. IPC-T5442TM-AS 2.8mm

    I assumed, and we know what that does, that HLC was on because of that IR reflection from the soffit.
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    Improving nighttime B/W recording. IPC-T5442TM-AS 2.8mm

    First thing is to get the soffit out of the frame. It's reflecting too much IR and partially blinding the camera. Next, take it off of "shutter priority" and switch to manual. Then start with a shutter of 1/100 (10ms) and move up or down from there. You might want to switch back to 50 on...
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    Compact/repair db

    One of my surveillance drives has apparently failed so I had to move everything onto the remaining drive (a good reason to have more than one surveillance drive). I had to do a repair/regenerate as a result. There are about 120,000 clips in the database. It took about two minutes to...
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    Icsee Pro issues

    I use a UPS and a generator. There is no other way than to replace the power, somehow, during a blackout. I also use a VPN to view the cameras remotely. Port forwarding is an invitation to be hacked, not necessarily to steal information although that happens far too often, but to have your...
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    IP Cam Talk Custom Community DeepStack Model

    Thanks yet again Mike! I'll load this and see what happens tonight.