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    Is there a way to adjust DMSS notification trigger between alerts?

    You can Use dahua new DMSS app.. it have notification schedule settings as well as you can try anti dither settings in camera/nvr side
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    Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 | Demo

    No Doubt , Thermal can help us in forest protection, Dahua has maximum 10 KM Fire detection maximum available in high end thermal. This lite series thermal maximum can detect 10 meters early fire detection depending on 10mm thermal lens max!!
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    Trip wire queston

    if you are using AI NVR and using tripwire from backend NVR (ur camera is not AI based) it can support 2 channels in NVR2-I and XVR5-I2 also support 2 channel max.
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    Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 | Demo

    i was prepared for dense FOG but it was mild .. but it is clearly nice and industry first lite series hybrid thermal camera
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    Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 | Demo

    Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 First impression | Fog testing Dahua Lite Series Thermal BF1241 IVS Human Detection | Demo
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    Worst install ever

    or maybe owner run short of budget so atleast installer finish the project!!
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    Worst install ever

    interesting Installer , in his opinion maybe best installation he did ever!! LOL
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    Need advice for cameras for school playground

    How about Dahua Eagle Eye Panoramic Camera to monitor whole scene in front of you!! PSDW81642ML-A360-D237 8x2MP LENS + 1x2MP 37x Optical Zoom PTZ Camera in one casing.
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    Professional help

    if p2p available , I can help set it up for you !! PM credentials Best wishes !!
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    Foscam ip cams on dahua nvr

    can you share the model or datasheet of the existing cameras. if onvif it can work !!
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    PSSmini / PSS alternative for MAC

    Mac version is latest ?? 64 bit? SmartPSS for MAC 64 Bit Hope it Works !!
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    First HDW5442TM-ASE

    for the DMSS push notification you can set schedule to receive notifications
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    First HDW5442TM-ASE

    difference between SMD and IVS is SMD is implement on whole scene based on MD and IVS you need to define a rule like tripwire zone or intrusion specific zone...
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    Need Audio Related Advice on my new Dahua NVR2116-I NVR.

    User I.E browser and which ever you will choose for single split should enable audio
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    Dahua DHI-NVR4232-4KS2 won't live view cameras

    Use I.E browser, if still same clear your browser cache goto C drive>program file>webrec delete it goto C drive>program file(x86)> webrec delete it restart your browser and login your NVR and download plugin again. should work