beginner questions

  1. K

    Getting Started - Camera Selection

    I'm getting started with camera selection and would love to get a few questions answered first. I've read and learned quite a bit from the IP Cam Talk Cliff Notes and various posts, which are mostly a few years old. I believe the primary takeaways thus far have been around (1) mapping the DORI...
  2. R

    People counting function doesn't work

    Hi. I'm having trouble with setting up the People counting function on my IPC-HDW5442TM-ASE I've set the smart plan to People Counting and have drawn the rules properly, but crossing the specified area doesn't seem to work. No data gets recorded in the "report'' section and no event gets...
  3. XrayDoc88

    Computer Geek, But Surveillance Noob. Please Help!

    Hello Everyone! I live in Colorado. I stumbled upon this website after trying to educate myself about the best IP camera systems. I already have a 1 Gbps PoE switch and a quality NAS system with Milestone Arcus software. I wish to purchase 4 outdoor PoE cameras. Some of my roof eaves are...