1. D

    IP camera recorder software

    Hello, I would like to exchange my old NVR device for a software-based video recorder. A solution requiring development is unexcluded, what's more, I would rather create a camera recorder on my own from code. I prefer C#. Formerly I used AForge's ODM for displaying the camera image, but...
  2. D

    HIKvision ivms-4200.exe error code 507

    Hello I try to configure email send but when i click on test email i get an error with code 507 iVMS-4200.exe have someone a solution thanks best regards djillius
  3. RyanODan

    IPCT Members Only Promo!

    To get your discount code: 1. Register on IPCT as a member 2. Register an account at Nellys Security 3. Email your IPCT username and your Nellys Information to 4. Once I receive your email I'll reply with your discount code 5. Checkout and save! (This code is a...
  4. Lebeter

    Addressing Privacy Concerns of Neighbors

    I was reading another thread and this subject, it got me thinking about a few topics that could be expanded on in one thread. An installer doesn't face the repercussions of the installation of a surveillance system with regards to neighbors unless called back to modify the installation to...