hardware acceleration

  1. LordFire

    Hardware Acceleration with AMD? 3700x NO GPU integrated

    Hi, someone can tell me how can i set hardware acceleration with my AMD 3700x in blue iris? if i select "intel" is the same? another question, if i buy a good video card, the cpu usage will be the same? i need to understand if with hardware acceleration can i use less CPU! i'm studying for...
  2. B

    Blue iris, why not virtualized?

    Hello guys, I have been sometime looking around the forums, posts about why virtualization is not recommended for blue iris, or any other CCTV system. But I want to ask about my point of view in this. Up to what I can see, virtualization is just not simply recommended because of not having the...
  3. erensfd

    Latest stable Intel graphics driver for hardware acceleration with Skylake?

    Hi Everyone, I'm having issues with hardware acceleration in BI using the latest Intel driver with my HD Graphics 530 GPU (i7-6700t). Can anyone recommend an earlier version that they have been using without any issues? The version mentioned in the Wiki for...
  4. TL1096r

    Getting Intel Quick Sync to work with Blue Iris (Settings & Troubleshooting)

    This is a good place to start figuring out what system you want to purchase if you do not already have one: Choosing Hardware for Blue Iris | IP Cam Talk First, you can check if your system has Quick Sync. Follow this link: Intel product specifications...
  5. J

    Blueiris h264 with quicksync vs h265

    Currently I'm just using a big ol un-fancy processor to run my main system. (see my sig). Most all my cameras are now on h265 (although I believe currently, h264 gives a better picture on my hiks, h265 I assume uses less resources so that's what I do if the camera has the option). I'm always...
  6. N

    Best ram for integrated gpu

    Hi all! I am uograding my blueiris server. I choose an i5-7400 with a te 630 as integrated gpu. So the million dollar question: how much important is the frequency of the ram? Ddr4 at 2400 la a good choice or i need a much higher frequency? Like 2600 or up? Thanks
  7. technet

    Hardware Acceleration: how your setup is performing?

    I would like to know how how much improvement are you getting on your systems with hardware acceleration enabled. Here I have 4 ip cameras on 1920x1080p at 15fps on a i7 4770, 32Gb, Windows 10. The mobile app on Android, with no movement on the cameras, shows about 19% to 24% of CPU, and no...